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  1. cudwieser

    What Anime to Watch

    Suggest an anime to watch to watch this day (film); This week (Film, OVA or short series (12-14 episodes) or this Month (Short Series or Full Series) Long and short suggest a film or series you think is worth watching in DVD/BR/Stream (especially stream) each day, week or month to keep us...
  2. cudwieser

    Anime for Veterans and Beginners

    Just a random question but can you request anime from the following genre for a veteran anime viewer who knows something about anime and is looking for something outside the box and anime for those new to anime and are maybe unsure of themselves and what they like. The genre's (for reference...
  3. cudwieser

    Ruroni Kenshin Creator Fined for Possession of Child Pornography

    From Otaku USA Rurouni Kenshin Creator Fined for Child Pornography Possession We reported back in November that Nobuhiro Nishiwaki, the creator of popular manga Rurouni Kenshin, was facing charges on possession of child pornography. Now it’s been reported that Nishiwaki has been officially...
  4. cudwieser

    Alita: Battle Angel Live Action Movie

    Couldn't find a better place for this (if any of the mods can please let me know). I put it here for the fact that Alita: Battle Angel seems based of the anime Trailer #1 The anime wasn't bad. In truth it is very watchable, but having read the manga it is sorely lacking in depth and a lot of...
  5. cudwieser

    A Good OOP Title to Buy.

    I'm bouncing about with the temptation to buy anime to replace some bootlegs. With that I've a want to buy some OOP titles (have a preference for ADV titles). What in everyones opinion are recommended OOP titles and why?
  6. cudwieser

    Why the Flash?

    Why the want of flashy kit like collectors editions instead of going for plain and simple series and story. Why do some buyers want their steel boxes over plain plastic and the contents of the DVD (BD if you must )?
  7. cudwieser

    The Perfect Frankenstein

    Basically what would be the best hybrid (a la Frankenteins Monster). Taking existing anime you've seen (hopefully liked) what combo do you think would product a near masterpiece. Feel free to give proportions of each anime (sorry for any spelling and grammar errors. I'm drunk). To Start...
  8. cudwieser

    Most You've Spent and General Pricing Discussion

    A two parter. Firstly what was the most you've spent on a single anime (and what was the most you spent on a single purchase of anime)? Secondly what is your opinions on the pricing of anime, especially on OOP anime and other significant or notable titles on the second hand market. To begin...
  9. cudwieser

    Aged or Avantgarde? Which do you prefer?

    Are you one for the old masters and the antiquated 'classics' or are you for the new and the daring? Do you like anime that stick to tried and true tropes or go for something fresh and different? I'm a fan of older anime and tend to like more traditional stories like comedy capers, a nice john...
  10. cudwieser

    Manga Clear Out

    Shop Closed
  11. cudwieser

    Big Shopping Challenge: I'm Going to Oz

    Hi Everyone. Great News, I'm away down under on a family holiday in March (leave St Paddy's Day and return the day after Easter). My first week will be spent in Melbourne City doing the touristy stuff. One port of call is the Aquarium (not far from the apartment) and not far from the Minotaur...
  12. cudwieser

    How Many Manga Collection Titles were there?

    Title says it. How many Manga: The Collection Titles were there and what were they? They can be the format pictured or the format Iczer 3 came in.
  13. cudwieser

    Clear Out

    I'm having a clear out and what follows is a list of Anime, Manga and Books that I no longer want. I am looking to clear all this as quickly as possible. I would like to clear these items in one lot for £120 all in to buy the heap now. I'm open to offers and will also take offers on individual...
  14. cudwieser

    Must read manga.

    simple thread. Being an anime man I tend to stray from manga, but having read a few I know it to be a very interesting and entertaining medium. I have a few titles, but what I want to know are what 5 manga you would recommend all manga and, more importantly, anime fans should have. In the case...
  15. cudwieser

    The Law of Anime I came across these articles on ANN. It is quite interesting and while it may not add much beyond what we know but provides a strong technical basis for copy rights and what they are about. There are a couple of cases cited and statements...
  16. cudwieser

    The longest wait.

    Simple question but what was the longest eta you had to endure for a delivery of a dvd? I just recently go an email saying Your estimated delivery date is: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - Friday, April 19, 2013 Any advice on how you can shorten eta's or am I dreaming?
  17. cudwieser

    Six word review

    Here is another carry over thread that may be of interest. This was set up as an experimental review thread to give a snappy (and fairly creative) summation of anime you've seen. As the title suggest write in six words or less you opinionion of an anime title or episode. The rules are that...
  18. cudwieser

    Gold Dust: Rare titles we still want.

    Gold Dust: Rare titles we still want -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was a thread originally started on the Neo forums and one of a few I don't wish to loose. In saying that if there already exists a thread of this nature, please link this...
  19. cudwieser

    Konbanwa. Watashi wa Cudwieser desu

    Evening all. I'm coming in from a forum soon to be far far away. I'm an anime fan and all round trivia nut, not to mention big into big machines and heavy engineering (says the civil servant :roll: ). You'll be hear a lot from me and more of my distant bretheren from forums past. HEY...