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    British Manga

    I went to the mcm expo @ telford last weekend and i came across a british artist called "Naniiebim" who produces her own stuff and i was really impressed with her artwork. I had never really considered looking at home grown manga before as i guess i just made the ignorant assumption it would be...
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    S.A.V.E sets

    Found a few of these sets online but the save logo that wraps round the side and front of the sets looks pretty naff and has put me off. I was wondering if anyone had purchased one of these sets and if this was a sticker or something?
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    Light Novels

    I recently read the first Haruhi Suzumiya novel and really enjoyed it. Now im looking for more anime/manga related light novels. So if anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    Naruto Vol.19

    Recently i bought Volume 19 of the Naruto manga, but i didnt realise til i got home that it was different from the rest of my collection. On the spine of the volume all the usually orange writing an the number are actually white. Was wondering if anyone knew why this was? Coz i just find it a...
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    Wolf's Rain

    Was wondering if the show was being re-released on dvd anytime soon? as it's a show that interests me. Could have swore i saw something about Beez releasing it again in October, but now i can't find any info on it. Did i imagine it?
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    Futurama Season 5

    I don't know if anyone is interested or if it's already been mentioned on here, but there will be a season 5 of Futurama mid next year. According to wiki it will have 26eps that are 30mins long.
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    Higurashi ~ When They Cry

    Lately i have really got into the manga of this series. I was wondering if the anime adaption is ever likely to see a release over here? because i'm really interested in seeing it.
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    Hey, I was wondering where everyone downloaded there anime from (assuming you do). I have been getting mine from *link removed please read the rules about illegal downloading* but a friend of mine has been using anime crazy, this website is free unlike the one i have been using, is this...
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    5cm per second

    I realise this has probably been discussed before but i can't find anything on it. Why is it that this Shinkai film has not seen a UK release? and is it likely to get one? Because i don't really wanna fork out big for it to get it from the states.
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    Anime Newcomer

    Hi everyone! I recently have become quite obsessed with anime and manga. I started out with most of the ghibli films and have now moved onto watching Bleach and Naruto pretty religiously. I have also been shown a bit of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Claymore, both of which i enjoyed. I was...