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  1. ussjtrunks

    Do you collect any blurays other than anime?

    I got a big Disney Collection going atm, do ye have any favourite series ye collect?
  2. ussjtrunks

    Storage Solutions For Anime

    I’m kinda running outta space to store anime was wondering have any of ye used wall shelves and if so could ye recommend some?
  3. ussjtrunks

    Would you make your own artbox?

    Is it too much effort, it seems easy enough to make something nice check it out
  4. ussjtrunks

    Looking for thread

    looking for a few sets atm mostly anime limited stuff they don’t need to be new just in good nick (if ya have a good offer for an anime limited set not listed below post here and tell me what ya have) Konosuba collectors edition season 1 Snow White with the red hair (Anime Limited) Your lie in...
  5. ussjtrunks

    What’s going on at Amazon?

    So lately I’ve started to notice amazon have stock of items if your buying from the U.K. but if you login with a Eu adresss the the items appear as being out of stock, anyone know what’s up with this. For example black clover season 2 and sword art online aliceization s2 even when both first...
  6. ussjtrunks

    Freedom Blu-ray Audio Issues?

    I just bought the Freedom blu-ray set from Hmv as I thought manga had fixed the audio issues but episode 7 is like a whole second off Is there anyone I can contact to get a replacement disk?
  7. ussjtrunks

    Pokemon on Disney XD

    Turned on disney xd yesterday to watch pokemon movie 12 and instead of getting a hd version they were running a cropped version of the dvd upscaled >.<??? Orginal : Disney XD HD
  8. ussjtrunks

    One piece blu-ray?

    Just wondering is there any news on the one piece movie 8 bluray getting released here? I was looking to import but couldn't find out if it was region free.