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    The Retro Anime Thread

    This is the place to discuss, recommend or review anime that is considered a bit retro. For clarification: Anime made after 2000 should not be discussed here. The reason for this is that the year 2000 is a nice cut-off point; the anime boom was at it's peak and animation was becoming digitised...
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    Is anime inaccessible for those on lower income?

    I thought that this would be a great topic to open up some debate. I'm a mature student of nearly 30 years of age, I have a part-time job, pay extortionate rent etc. In other words, I am pretty poor as my income is extremely limited and most goes on my rent (such is life). When I first joined...
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    Anime and Others!

    So I'm doing a little bit of a clearout at the moment and would like to sell some of my anime DVDs and other related goods. Will add more when I can! Items now listed on eBay all starting at 99p. Have a look! Ending: 5/08/12 (Next Sunday). Region 1 DVD - USA Anime Millennium Actress...
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    New Sailor Moon anime announced

    Sailor Moon to get a new anime series in summer 2013! Source As a big fan of Sailor Moon, I'm happy with this announcement. But I worry they may moe-ify the designs! Wonder if they are going for a remake or a completely new anime series.
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    The General Japanese Learning Thread

    こんにちわ! There seems to be some topics about learning Japanese around the forum - so I thought it would be a good idea to create a general topic area for anything related in this area. Share your experiences, progress or updates on the learning process of Japanese. Feel free to also post...
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    Favourite game music

    Post your favourite themes/tunes from any game/era because there's not enough love for game music. I'll just post a few from the 16-Bit era to get the topic started! Streets of Rage - Streets of Rage <object width="560" height="315"><param name="movie"...
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    Asian Live Action TV Recommendations

    This is an area which I don't venture into much - as there is such a vast amount out there. I'm just looking for something which is good to watch, although mileage may vary! I've watched (for those who are interested): Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Enjoyed this a lot despite it being aimed...
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    Anime that never made the VHS to DVD transition in the UK

    I'm not talking about anime that are unlicensed in general - but those that were shown on U.K. TV and just didn't make it to DVD transition (let alone Blu-Ray!) Sometimes I wish I had kept my VHS tapes! I remember some classics back in the day when Sci-Fi channel and others had anime on...
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    Daily Mail: Ban this sick filth!

    Came across this article on Daily Mail today: In Sweden, a comic translator is in court due to the police seizing his 'child pornography' collection which consisted of 'indecent'...
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    What's your preference? Separate volumes or Thin Paks?

    Apologies if a similar topic has been posted before! This thought of separate vs thin paks occurred to me while I was looking through my anime collection. Most of the DVDs I own are separate volumes - as was the norm when I bought most of my anime. Now it is more often the case that thin paks...
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    Has anime gone downhill in quality recently?

    I'm throwing this up as a general discussion point. In your view has anime recently been giving great quality titles or is something of a lackluster moot point? For me personally, I struggle to find titles that I'd want to watch. I might just have my rose tinted spectacles on permanently...
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    Hello...It's been a while!

    Hi everyone! Just thought I'd say hello. I'm not technically new - but I haven't posted here for a few years and was out of the anime scene for a while. I'm probably a bit out of touch with the new anime series/seasons that are currently running, so be gentle :P But I'm slowly but surely...
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    Neppy's 1337 Art Part 2

    Rather than drag my old art thread from beyond the ages back up, I'll make a new one. I haven't drawn a picture in ages, but found myself doodling on good old MS Paint. I was going to leave this one uncoloured - but even one tone is better than none! Here is my made up character called...
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    V For Vendetta

    Just watched this and felt the need to rant! :wink: Much like The Island, V for Vendetta was one of the films which had potential to be something epic and then ended up falling flat on it's own ideas of greatness. In VFV Pseudo-Britain aka England, is full of US styled TV news, US styled...
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    Favourite Game Openings

    Post what openings made you thought was great or made you go wow! List your favourites! 1) Final Fantasy VIII - Dramatic music, gunblade fighting and mysterious text! When I first saw it on a demo disk years and years ago, I wanted it! 2)...
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    TV Drama Recommendations

    Much in the same vein as my PC topic, I am looking for some good TV to watch - because I only watch it for Home & Away and Neighbours! I might be missing out on a good series! I haven't found anything good to watch since the 1996-ish series like Bad Girls, X-Files, Xena Warrior Princess and...
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    Sony says no to PS3 pre-owned games

    Sony wants more money and their plans for world domination continues! Apparently, we won't be able to buy second hand PS3 games/consoles or sell them because it 'belongs' to Sony. Full article here...
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    Sailor Moon S

    I have decided to shed more light onto Sailor Moon, but especially series 3 named Sailor Moon S (Super) aka. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S. Most people think it's exactly like the first two series, where Sailor Moon saves the day with a monster of the week. Well it is, but then it isn't. SMS...
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    Eurovision 2006

    It's that time of year again! Will anyone else be watching this cheesefest? I had my hopes that Belgium might make it to the final - sadly not the case! I like the Malta and Sweden entries although I don't know if they'll win it. The favourites seem to be Finland with thier (horrible) heavy...
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    PC game recommendations

    I just got myself a new PC after 6 years and I am keen to catch up on what I have been missing! :wink: Apart from the Sims 2, Half Life 2 and the various mmorpgs - what good games should I be looking to get? ________ Two and a half men forums