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    The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

    Re: The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thr To be fair, there was a point early on in the 360's lifespan where they seemed to be trying with stuff like Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey and they were definitely seeing some market over there, then for whatever reason MS decided to...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    I think 5 is a relatively short episode given how 4 ended. If you're going to play season 2 at some point, it might be worth checking out the 400 days dlc.
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    import help!

    I got hit with play-asia on friday. and Royal mail added an additional #8 on top so this Sonico game has cost me £56.80 :eek:
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    What are you listening to Now thread.

    Overdrive, the new Album from Shonen Knife, I went to see them perform in Coventry on sunday and purchased it after the show. It wasn't just cool that I got it signed, but one of the former members (sister of the lead singer) was manning the merchandise stand.
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    Is getting hit by customs just pot luck?

    I got hit around 10 years ago, I'd ordered batman the animated series vols 2-4 from america (the first was avaiable in the UK) and I think it was the volume 3 box set that I incurred a fee on. 2 years ago I bought a dark knight Joker figure on ebay that I ended up paying about £100 for. Then I...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Thanks, i'll go back to it tomorrow, after doing alright in games like guitar hero and FF theatrythem, it's a bit daunting to not be making any progress on a game like this... hopefully practice will make me better. Same rules apply to Miami Hotline, it's probably best to try and figure out how...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    ^you seem to have a better idea of what to do in this game than me, I'm getting nothing but cheap rankings, mostly cause my button presses are 'fine.' Question1: the button prompts all seem to have a rotating arrow in them, am I supposed to hit the button with the left analogue stick facing in...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Playing Deus Ex Human revolution director's cut, I would say I felt a bit cheated as I'd already bought but not play the original 'vanilla' version and there was no "hey you own the game and the DLC, he's an upgrade to the director's cut" kind of deal but hey it only cost me £8 on PSN.... but...
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    Hatsune Miku Project Diva f coming to the west in 2014

    I preordered it 2 weeks ago because I figured it wouldn't cost much more than the PSN only version of the first game (well unless I import it which costs just as much... or even more for the american version) and while I can 'play' the game in its's basic function. I can't read Kanji so... I...
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    Official PlayStation Thread (PSN stuff, discussion..etc)

    Re: Official Playstation 3 Thread(PSN stuff, discussion..etc ^i'd say resident evil 4 for dead space cause the controls are very similar and it's over the shoulder shooting. I can't say the same about dead space 2/3 I#'ve never played em.
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    Official PlayStation Thread (PSN stuff, discussion..etc)

    Re: Official Playstation 3 Thread(PSN stuff, discussion..etc Re: the last of us. Yeah.... I'm 31 and those of you who've played that far will know how unnerving the 'winter' segment is in that game, more than any runner or clicker for me. The violence in mortal kombat is very cartoony by...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Started playing Bioshock infinite today, was enjoying just exploring the city when the game drops you in to combat in a heartbeat. I'm not big on FPS's but I'm enjoying this so far. Also got to play the Last of Us Pre alpha demo today, it was a fun 20 mins or so that has sated my appetite for...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    The Walking Dead - Episode 4: not quite the emotional rollercoaster of the previous episode, but still a few surprises here and there... I just finished it and it ended with no teaser for episode 5. Needless to say I am both excisted and slightly fearful for the final chapter and horrific outcome.
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    General Cartoons Thread

    Well as a guy who turned 30 earlier in the year I like stuff like the Venture bros, The Boondocks and Archer. But stuff not aimed at a young adult audience I still enjoy the likes of My Little Pony (I'll watch it if I catch it on TV, I'm not a 'brony') Scooby Doo Mystery Inc is excellent and...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Finished Sleeping dogs and Double Dragon Neon tempted to play RE5 gold editionthat I just picked up recently, but I get the feeling I really shouldn't have bohtered (I can't stand the idea of having to babysit an A.I for an entire game, and if I did I bought AMY on PSN when it was on sale for...
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    Battle Royale vs Hunger Games????

    Next will be people comparing the [currently filming] Ender's Game with 1997's Starship Troopers (or any other incarnation for that matter)
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    Avengers DVD has been cut

    I don't know about the DVD but it's there on the blu ray, it's who gets offed before they call it and he wakes up. Quite an important plot point, don't see how they could have censored that. A sfor the avengers, I've taken mine to Cex because it just looks silly knowing how he's offerd but...
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    Mass Effect 3

    Free extended dlc arrives on xbl/psn/pc next week. no there is no magical 4th mega happy ending option, just some new content and closure for the surviving members and I'm assuming races. I can't complain personally, for me I saw shepard...
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    Pc Game recommedations

    Ben 'Yahtzee' Crosshaw's Chzo mythos, they aren;t retail games but they are good horror adventure games, and they are free. Another independantly made (but sold commercially online) game is Gemini Rue. And then there' sstuff like the tex murphy series and journeyman that can be bought from...
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    Farewell, Sega.

    I'd agree, especially with all the crap they continued to desecrate a certain blue mascot with, but the yakuza series remains a strong franchise (though I haven't played dead souls so that opinion could change.) Sonic Generations and Binary Domain are probably two of my favourite games of the...