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  1. britguy

    Big Blu Ray clear out

    I'm planning on trimming down my collection considerably over the coming months, heres the first batch. Unfortunately I don't do prices as I'm never good at setting them so just pm me and we'll talk: £2 shipping on all items, discounts for multiples SOLD/Reserved USA Blu-rays Brave 10...
  2. britguy

    NISA LEs: Daily Lives of High School Boys and Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl

    Just wondering if there's any interest in either of these 2 LEs? I can take pics when I'm home from work, both in great condition. Not sure of price, so if interested just drop me a line and we can discuss :)
  3. britguy

    Akame Ga Kill PArt 1 LE

    Akame Ga Kill Limited Edition Part 1 (ANimatsu release) £30 P&P £3
  4. britguy

    anohana premium Edition blu ray/dvd set

    Looking to sell. Open to sensible offers. Any interest then drop me a pm and we'll talk.
  5. britguy

    Few Funimation LE Blu-Ray/DVD sets and some standards

    Hey, looking to sell a few titles: Black Butler Season 2 LE Blu-Ray Set - Complete with Black Butler Season 1 - £60 Eureka Seven LE Blu-ray set - Complete with Eureka Seven set 2 - SOLD The Devil is a Part-Timer LE Blu-ray Set SOLD P&P is £4 due to weight Others Full Metal Panic Complete...
  6. britguy

    UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

    Anime Limited/All The Anime Discussion Thread “Based out of Glasgow, Scotland Anime Limited brings a fresh approach to distributing the best in anime direct from Japan. As an independent company the emphasis is both breathing new life into much loved classics and introducing the cutting edge of...
  7. britguy

    Ranma 1/2 Blu-Ray Collectors sets

    Unfortunately my appreciation for this show withered when Happosai was introduced and I cannot bring myself to continue watching or buy any more shows, so rather than let them collect dust i'm looking to offload them. I have parts 1 and 2 (episodes 1-23 and 24-46) both in like new condition...
  8. britguy

    Anime Limited Reveals Patema Inverted's Ultimate Edition Art

    Artwork unveiled for the Patema Inverted (Ultimate Edition) Patema Update All looks and sounds good, love the fact there is a seperate O Card for all the info then removing it and then the same clean artwork underneath wonder what size this will be (TTGL size to incorporate the artboox or...
  9. britguy

    XBox One, Kinect, Ryse and Dead Rising 3

    A current home emergency for my mother means I need cash quick to help her out so looking to offload this for £300 (shipping will either be £9 for collect+ or £18 for RMSD) Only owned it for about 3 weeks, but as mentioned, needs must :/
  10. britguy

    A few anime blu-rays - updated with le baka and Test

    Hey, Just looking to offload these few titles to go towards buying windows 8 (just doing a new build and I forgot the OS so please help lol) Prices include P&P Bleach : Hell Verse £8 Black Lagoon Part 2 £8 Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne £8(A Locked) Baka and Test season 1 bd/dvd limited edition £20
  11. britguy

    Bakemonogatari Limited Edition Blu-Ray Boxset

    Hi, I bought this recently but it's really not my cup of tea. I'm looking to offload this for around £60. This is the Aniplex of America Limited Edition blu-ray set. In fantastic like new condition. In a solid chipboard box with the series spread across six discs and with a nice booklet. Im...
  12. britguy

    The Moving Out Clear out *reduced, everything needs to go!*

    I've taken the plunge and I will be moving out from my family home on 1st May, the place i'm moving too is considerably smaller than the amount of space I have at home so sadly I need to have a clear out of some of the larger items in my collection. Blu-Ray/DVDs £25+P&P each or £20+P&P each if...
  13. britguy

    FS/FT: Serial Experiments Lain BD Set

    Hi, Looking to offload this, purely because it's just not my cup of tea. Beautiful boxset and looks good on BD. Would love to trade for any: NISA sets Bunny Drop Anohana Persona Trinity Souls LE V1 or SE V1 and 2 Other The Tenchi Muyo series or Movie BD sets Steins;Gate Part 1. I am open...
  14. britguy

    A Shot in The Dark (aka britguy's DVD/BD wants)

    Hi, just in the off chance someone has any of these and is looking to offload, i thought i'd post a little thread to check. If anyone has any of the following and would like to sell them on, please drop me a PM or post in here, and I will gladly negotiate a price! Apologies if this sort of...
  15. britguy

    Britguys Anime on BD/DVD sale

    Hi guys, this is my new updated OP, anything already sold is at the bottom of this post. Blu-Ray All Region B/Free unless stated in () Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete *First Print with FFXIII trial version demo* £20+£2 P&P Basilisk £13+2 P&P DVD All Region 2 unless stated...
  16. britguy

    Blue Exorcist Volume 1

    For sale is the first part of the Blue Exorcist series. Features Episodes 1-7, a slip cover and a two sided poster. This is a like new set and the dvd's have not even been watched. Any interest at £20? (Sorry about the price but this is £29 on UP1, £19 before shipping through TRSI and more on...
  17. britguy

    Anyone use Tumblr?

    Over the past 5 years I have used loads over social networking sites. Myspace profiles became too messy with ridiculous amounts of songs videos and pics all on one page and then it died, Facebook is too god damn boring to look at and I have never felt the attraction to Twitter that others have...
  18. britguy

    Gurren Lagann Packaging Query

    Hi, just a quick question regarding the packaging of the Gurren Lagann Limited Editions for anyone who has them. I saw over on Amazon that volume 1 comes with a nice artbox and the DVD's are in a pretty nice looking digipak. Does the V2LE come with this style or just a normal amaray...