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  1. bakum4tsu

    How often do you go back to rewatch?

    After spending 1hr yesterday night trying to choose what to watch (anime), between a movie or a show, something new or something I've watched already, I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone's opinions on this. Do you ever get to this point of not knowing what to watch next? How...
  2. bakum4tsu

    How many anime have you dropped?

    How many anime have you dropped? For what reasons? Lately I find myself dropping quite a few anime. I used to watch everything until the end but things have changed. I'm choosing anime to watch more and more carefully lately cause my free time it's not the same anymore. I became a father last...
  3. bakum4tsu

    How big is your anime backlog?

    I've tried to find a thread like this but couldnt find anything. If there is one, just point it out and delete this one... Just wondering, how big is everyone's anime backlog? I see a lot of people buying tons of anime and I wonder, are they able to keep up with everything that comes out these...
  4. bakum4tsu

    Dragon Ball Full Color

    Does anyone knows what happen to the release of Dragon Ball Full Color by Viz? I think I have read a few weeks ago that they would only be released 3 volumes in 2014 which they were but I couldnt find anything about release more volumes in 2015. Does anyone knows anything?
  5. bakum4tsu

    No more Free Super Save Delivery for Europe

    So... a thread to all of those that dont live in the UK but that order from Amazon UK. If you were lucky enough to receive an email this morning about no more Free Super Save Delivery for Europe from yesterday, then you know what I am talking about. Yes, no more free shipping!!!! Now about £4.5...
  6. bakum4tsu

    K - The Complete Series Delayed

    K - The complete series has been delayed untilt the 5th of May of 2014. The Blu-Ray/DVD Combo was supposed to hit the shelves in around two weeks on the 14th of April. Manga UK has not yet given any reason for the delay.
  7. bakum4tsu

    Rurouni Kenshin: Normal vs Vizbig

    I have the first 8 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin manga for a long time already but never got to buy the rest. I know those Vizbigs came out for a while already but I just found them a few weeks ago and I thought about getting them but I have some problems. First, I already have the first 8 volumes...
  8. bakum4tsu

    Echo's Terror trailer

    Last Friday the trailer for the next anime directed by Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope) was revealed: Echo's Terror or in Japanese, Zankyō no Terro. The music will be composed by Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope)...
  9. bakum4tsu

    Box art slowly coming back to the UK?

    Are the box arts slowly coming back to the UK? First was Anime Limited with their stylish editions, then MVM announced that Fate Zero will have a box too to fit 1st and 2nd part. Today Manga UK announced that Attack on Titan will also have a box to fit 1st and 2nd part, even though its only the...
  10. bakum4tsu

    Psycho-Pass 2 to Debut in October, Followed by Winter Film

    by ANN Awesome news! One of my favourites show from 2012! 2014 will have great animes.
  11. bakum4tsu

    Zankyō no Terror directed by Shinichiro Watanabe ... rror-anime Check the trailer in here because the one in the news is region locked. This looks amazing to me. I am really looking forward to it.
  12. bakum4tsu

    Tokyo Trip video

    I was in Tokyo last summer but only now decided to make a video about it. The video quality isnt that great but I'm no pro... :P never thought about doing this otherwise I would have been more careful not to shake the camera that much lol Anyway I hope you enjoy the video and leave...
  13. bakum4tsu feedback

    Like the subject says, can someone please leave some feedback for Devoteddvd shop? thanks I am interested in buying Another in BD from there since the region is the same here in Europe...
  14. bakum4tsu

    Watching DVD R1 on the computer

    Hi there Does anyone plays R1 DVD's on the computer? The reason is I only have 2 hdmi's on the tv and 1 is por ps3 and the other is for xbox360 and since i dont wanna to be swapping around hdmi's everytime i need the unlocked dvd for the R1 dvd's, I was wondering if anyone knows a software that...
  15. bakum4tsu

    AUKN Twitter

    Just to let everyone know that Anime UK News twitter account is alive again so to all twitter fans out there, you can count with some tweets everyday or almost everyday :) To those who arent aware of his existence...
  16. bakum4tsu

    Anime Limited to release Samurai Flamenco in the UK Anime Limited just confirmed it. So far I am enjoying the show, way better than Kill la Kill :P
  17. bakum4tsu

    Anime can change from TV to DVD

    Take a look at this article from Kotaku. It shows how a show can change from when its airing and when its going to dvd. Or just remakes and Evangellion for example. Things are remade and can change quite a bit. I did see this a few days ago and thought about sharing it...
  18. bakum4tsu

    Free! anime places in real life

    I've found through a portuguese anime website this amazing thing. The town where some of the Free! anime places were inspired in. ... nime-free/
  19. bakum4tsu

    FUNimation Survey DVD/Blu-ray Winner

    Ok so i got this email saying i was a winner for a Survey from Funimation. So now i get to pick up a title from that giant anime list they have. Has this happened to anyone before? :mrgreen:
  20. bakum4tsu

    UK Anime Release Schedule -Updated-

    There use to be a thread long time ago that let users known when the Anime Schedule menu was updated with some new content. Since i'm helping with it, I will update this thread everytime I update the calendar with some new licenses and releases dates. So yesterday I've updated the Calendar with...