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    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    I got the full series of NGE and I recently was lucky enough to find a copy of the End of Evangelion in cex. Before I watch it, do I need to have watched NGE Death and Rebirth? I mean I keep reading on the net that Death and Rebirth is the first part of the End of Evangelion, so do I need to...
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    Help with fake ds

    I brought a okamiden ds game from ebay for xmas for my boyfriend. The game was not in a box of any kind, just a cartridge on its own. My boyfriend played the game on his dslite and after a while of playing the game and getting stuck at a point in the game where he had to cut 2 stone lanturns...
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    One Piece

    I have thought about collecting the english one piece manga but are thier any diffences to the original japanese version that i should know about before buying?
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    Lucky Star Manga

    I've been trying to find this manga for a few weeks now and Amazon, TBD, and ebay dont have it. Anyone know a england based web site that sells it?
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    Has anyone read the manag called 'Monster'? It is hard to find in shops but its on amazon and I have volumes 1-17 and waiting for the last volume. This series is amazing. So far it is the best manga I HAVE EVER read. The plot is so deep and intresting. The characters are great adn you really...
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    expo ticket question

    I brought two early entry tickets for this expo but some of my mates wont be leaving there house for the expo to 10:30, If I travel to the epo with them will i still be able to gain entry to the expo using the 'early entry' ticket even thought we wont get to the expo to about 12 saturday? PS...
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    Bleach questions

    I have a bleach question. I have just finished watching epiosde 153 and then started watching 154 and in the first 4 miniutes of epiosde 154 it shows sado (chad) fighting against an esprada/ex esprad I dont know yet and getting punched and nearly fulling dowing a hole. I have seen every episode...
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    Bleach Name Pronunciations

    I have recently got into bleach and I have having lots of trouble proncacing the names of the characters. Does anyone has a site that explains how to correctly pronounce the Japanese names of the bleach characters?
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    Some Random Anime/Manga News

    I have decided to share some anime news with everyone. Anime News - Beyblade Season 4 is in the works. - Death Note Live action movie is being made AGAIN by an American movie company - Seto No Hanayome OVA in the works. - Shaman King Manga True Ending: (taken from wikipedia)...
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    Water Stones Manga Night in Lakeside

    Does anyone live near the Lake side shopping center in Eessex? beacuse on Tuesday 24th June at 7 pm Waterstone will be holding a manga club night where it will be doing reviews of manga, an art competition and looking at upcoming manga releases. The first manga we will be reviewing is death...
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    Anime/Manga for Sale

    I am an anime fan looking to sell some anime/manga stuff. I don’t have pay pal so you will have to send me cash in the post (make sure you hide it well), then I will send your stuff to you. Also I can only send to inside England. Postage is free on single items but with more then one item...
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    Hi I have a myspace site and was wondering if any of the people here have them, if you wanna be friends please leave your myspace site here.
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    IPOD Itunes

    I got an ipod classic the other day and need to install itunes 7.4, for it to work so I go to the site and it says the site is being updated? How long to its avaliable for download? And it says in the qick start to put music onto the ipod while its...
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    I wanna cosplay

    I am a 19 year male anime fan go to my second expo in october on saturday 20, I want to cosplay but dont know who to go as, I cant sew and dont want to buy any hard to find materials so I need a simple costume, any ideas? But not luffy from one piece.
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    I was just wondering about people’s food favourites. I am a great food lover and enjoy eating cos its fun and easy, lol. I eat mostly every type of food and will try most food once; my fav type of food is chocolate. So what’s your food info?
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    Hi I'm New

    Hi I am new to this site, but not new to anime. I like lots of anime, my fav is one piece. ATM I am watching She the Ultimate Weapon, Outlaw Star and One Piece Eneries loby saga. Just thought I would say hi.