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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    Maybe a rabbit Salem.
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    The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

    The trailer you linked says 'Planned for broadcast on TOKYO MX, Sun TV, BS11 and others!'
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    US Region Free Blu-rays

    The Tsubasa ones mentioned are the Collected Memories set which covers both TV series and the movie(7-disc), and the OVA collection. Collected Memories is out-of-print now, in favour of the two separate ''SAVE'' TV series sets(3-disc each). The Double Feature is probably region-free too...
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    Bleach box sets

    The box style change is always accompanied by the reduction in the RRP, down to £12 or £15 or so from much higher. So any site you see selling at £15 or less probably has the single case edition, which is a way to spot the redesigns. That said, you could try asking AOL which they have in stock...
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    UK Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment Discussion Thread

    Seeing as the style of the Bleach 'series X part X' releases will change from series 9, will you still release thinpak boxsets like the ones for series 1-7? I hope so, even if only for a first print, as they look much nicer than the thick series cases and the Part releases.
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    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    For anyone that wants better packaging, they're also selling the old tin set for the same price, £9.99, and have been for weeks now. Only 8 left in stock though.
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    Manga's Bleach, any Dubtitles?

    There are no dubtitles on any Manga Bleach release. I have all of them. (Even the HMV sampler xD) Conversely, series 1 has a problem that it's not subtitled enough -- Manga used Japanese video for the episodes instead of the repainted English video, so any text signs which the US dub edited...
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    Sky Channel Anime

    Ukkari Penelope (Random kids short thing about a koala shown on CBeeBies, but still an anime) Tokyo Mew Mew
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Heh, of course Death Note has the oddity (at least in R2) that the singles actually have *less* cover art than the boxset, since the boxset has all nine discs with their separate R1 covers. Though with the boxset you don't get any of the figurines, we didn't exactly get many here anyway...
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    Ah, sorry. Looked back but obviously not far enough.
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    Click for slightly larger version.
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    Film4 to show Death Note film Double-Bill

    Well I guess it does have a 'slight skip', since it only skips back one frame... It just happens to have the 'slight skip' at least four times a second. :roll:
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    Yu-gi-oh! The Movie on ITV1, 8/9/2011 at 4:05am!

    They do have a HD copy, I've seen them show it in HD before. The tablet, Pegasus, Tear, Yugis.
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    Though this isn't exactly the right topic, since I mentioned it here it's the best one I know... For anyone wondering about its specs since I mentioned it, someone (probably Kaze) uploaded a back cover shot of their French movie 1 BD to Amazon. ...sous-titres being French for subtitles.
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    Review of Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

    4Kids does lots of video paintovers for Yu-Gi-Oh, because of some American law that YGO cards can't be shown on TV. So they paint over every single card in every single episode so they can show them there. (Pyramid of Light being the only exception, and being a movie I don't know if that has...
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    Review of Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

    5D's series 3, let alone even 4, haven't been shown in the UK, and we're only up to episode 12 of series 2(just finished being shown in the last half hour in fact). Also for some reason episodes 53-64 got skipped(the final 12 episodes of series 1, the end of the Dark Signer plot mentioned in the...
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    mistakes made in anime - english dubs and story

    They probably stand for back AND ground.
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    Ghost in the shell SAC Dvd's

    Didn't the disc 2s also have DTS audio, like SHE, the Ultimate Weapon and some other series (Tokko?)?
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    ...though Manga's BD of Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D is a upscale from 540p, despite that getting a theatrical release (though that could be because of the 3D) and I know some of the early digitally-animated Pokémon movies were only animated in 1000p. Interestingly enough for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pyramid of Light is...
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    It was, both the filler and the widescreen. Though it wasn't the widescreen that confused me so much as the credits actually being 1080, but I'm sure the widescreen helped. Alright, ordered Memories, probably will do some write-up about it when it arrives. If it turns out to be proper HD with...