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  1. Buzz201

    A debate about MAL's unusually positive stance on Neo-Nazis; thread will be closed if flaming occurs

    I guess it depends. I've yet to come across a neo-Nazi on a anime discussion group on Facebook. (I'm assuming neo-Nazis are the wolves to which we are referring here.) I would say I'd seen more people with questionably regressive views on AUKN. The amount of people that thought MAL were being...
  2. Buzz201

    UKA post their annual anime awards

    UKA have finished their awards. The winners, runners up, nominees, and deliberations can be found at their site (Just be warned there are spoilers, especially in Best Moment). But here's the TL;DR: Best Action Anime - Mob Psycho 100 Best Comedy - Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Best Drama - A Silent...
  3. Buzz201

    The state of UK anime pricing today

    It's a standard edition, £35 is still pushing it. But let's honest, it probably won't ever go that cheap again, so I went for it.
  4. Buzz201

    The (Psychological) Problems of Streaming

    Sorry for the weird thread title, I'll try and come up with something better. I appreciate most of this thread is probably self-indulgent whining, but please go with it. Recently, it has become clear to me that my wants and desires aren't the way the physical anime home video market is heading...
  5. Buzz201

    Simulcasts: The Crunchyroll Effect and its impact on the UK

    If Jerome's comments about being offered an MG of $150 (per episode?) for Sakomoto are true, I can't say I'd blame anyone for not putting their show on Crunchyroll. There's no way there aren't more royalties than $150 per episode in the UK, they're clearly trying to screw him. Wouldn't...
  6. Buzz201

    List of Light Novels Released in English

    I was able to get a copy of the Light Novel list from the old forum, I rescued Kuuderes_Shadow's post detailing Japanese releases, so I'll have a look at integrating that information at some point, as well as fixing the formatting. Series Title - Main Author - Publisher - Format(s) In Print...
  7. Buzz201

    The Shuffle Thread

    Not sure if there was a thread with a similar premise on the other forum, but I figured it would fun to start one, and maybe we'd be able to learn new things about each other. The rules are simple: locate your preferred music playback device or software, put it on shuffle, and give us the first...
  8. Buzz201

    Show of the season (from The News Thread)

    Gotta wonder whether it's actually going to last all 13 episodes, or whether some of them will get delayed indefinitely like Blood Blockade Battlefront. Weirdly, a lot of people declared it the show of the season based on the first episode. (I'm assuming they were Fate/ufotable fanboys.) Wonder...
  9. Buzz201

    Fate discussion

    Summer 2015 Legal Anime Streaming Thread Are you kidding, did you not see the ANN forums for Fate/Stay Night: UBW? Thou shalt not criticise Nasu... Type-Mooners will be all over Chaos Dragon, but from what I've heard it's not as bad as reviews would suggest.