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    Finished the first four volumes of this the other day and I enjoyed the whole thing very much. It's by the same guy that did Azumanga Daioh. Anyone else read it?
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    Pokemon Red/Blue

    Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
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    Buy Girls. Not surprising but seeing as it's America and not Russia.
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    Fan dubs

    Here are some
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    Midlands Expo

    I'm going, is anyone else?
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    Welcom to the N.H.K.

    Has anyone seen this? I watched it all in one day I was so hooked. It's a pretty good "slice of life" anime and I would recommend it to anyone who likes that previously mentioned genre.
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    What are you listening to Now thread.

    Basically, just the band and then song name like so: Kraftwerk - Stratovarius.
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    Insulting attitudes

    Get back to Myspace.
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    Aid to Africa is totally gay, stop aiding Africa.,1518,363663,00.html
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    Anyone here like Lolicon?

    Just Askin'.
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    Too soon?
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    Ichigo Mashimaro

    I've just seen two episodes, and it's alright, anyone else like it?
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    Brass eye

    This show is pretty darn hilarious. The "special" being my favourite.
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    One of the best series ever. Anyone else?