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    London expo

    Sunday was good for chilling out and going to panels for me, plus getting a few bargins like this goku!
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    Durarara DVD Question

    Ok so the Durarara DVD has been out for a while, and I know the one avaiable to us on and only has the japanese dub. But does anyone know if the English is going to be coming over here? The us website for Durarara is up with trailers and clips, but the powers that be...
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    London expo

    Hope everyone had a good time at the last expo, twas amazing due to the fact that me and karis' dbz cosplays drew more dbz cosplayers together which in turn we took over many a camera on both days :). Onto the forward coming May 2011 expo, cosplays have been made to turn myself into demon...
  4. J

    Zombie outbreak! What would YOU do?

    Yeah your electric guitar could be used to distract the zombies with music
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    One Piece 4 week break Almost over! SPOILERS!

    ITS NEARLY HERE! Well 1 day till one piece is back, oh I cant wait its gonna be awesome!
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    London expo

    Anyone else get a bit ticked off, when the expo won't update for weeks until like 5 days before its here? Also anyone else got annoyed that the program for the last expo did not have the times for the panels? They had them on the forum but no where else gar!
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    Dragonball back on UK TV

    I know that was awesome, me and Karis were watching it, and she noticed and said "I love Bill Bailey more now" lol
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    Count to a Million

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    Welcome to the world
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    Hey everyone u want some rare limited edition DVDs? Well look no further than ya good old JAKEMAN First up we have Galaxy Angel the complete first series limited dvd boxset PLEASE NOTE THE DVDS IN THIS SET ARE REGION 1, YOU WILL NEED A REGION 1 OR MULTI-REGIONAL DVD PLAYER TO PLAY THEM...
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    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

    Yes because we live in a world where someone famous has an opinion we must follow that opinion lol Offtopic note Sometimes I follow but other times I do not I for one love wild wild west :D
  12. J

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

    I loved the comics, I loved the movie, and its coming out on DVD in November, ah well means I can get it quicker. Who cares about what the rest of the world thought of it I loved it!
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    ~The avatar thread~

    Wallace From Scott Pilgrim, I love that gay man!
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    Hot or Not

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    What series do you think should get a reboot?

    I know what you mean, I would love a re-vision of the series you like like the tenchi series did. Introduce different characters at different points like having the tournaments be more in DBZ as well hehe. I found out about the plan to eradicate the sayains is gonna be on DBZ raging Blast 2...
  16. J

    London expo

    YES THE GINYU FORCE! If anyone poses with me in the photos I will offer a membership into the ginyu force in the form of ginyu force stickers!
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    What has been the lowest selling UK released Anime?

    UMM I havent' bought a MVM DVD since the Black Cat series, I do remember seeing the sailor moon dvds, they go for like 50 pound son ebay now :eek:
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    What series do you think should get a reboot?

    Seeing as the evangelion movies are half way through, Dragonball Kai nearly finishing the cell saga, What other anime series would you like to see be "rebooted"? Seeing as Nostaglia is the fore front of alot of these reboots I think a series that would deserve a reboot would be none other...
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    Zombie outbreak! What would YOU do?

    Jake's master plan Hmmm Well I would start by going into the garden getting an aray of home fashioned weapons: Cricket Bat Spade Chopping blade Bricks Axe Then gather food from kitchen and take upstairs, take out the stairs with the axe and wait it out for the next couple of...
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    A lone shadowy figure emerges

    I'll take cut-throat jake