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    Micro Machines V4

    After a quick scan, I didn't find anything said about this yet. I just wanted to warn you guys who may have enjoyed the brilliant V3 to be very catious if you're considering getting this (personally I'd say avoid it all together, but maybe rent it to make your own mind up about it) It just...
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    Mystery goo (man, I'm WAY behind on my gaming!)

    I'm nearly at the end of Kingdom Hearts, and I probably could complete it as I am, but that would break Square tradition - I NEED to have the best weapon in the game!!! I know all about the mushrooms but I'm getting very impatient having only got one Mystery Goo after about three hours of...
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    Can anyone make plush toys...?

    I REALLY want a chibi Selphie plush toy, but after searching far and wide on the net, I've decided that the only way that would be possible is to make one myself... Then I remembered how bad I am at crafts! So, if anyone's ever made a plush toy before (or would like to give it a go) I'd love...
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    Not a bad start, I hope you'll agree...?

    This is the second ever attempt at drawing anything and putting some effort into it... (The first was a smaller, more rushed version of the same) And its basically just a copy from a website I found: But I'm quite proud of it, and I haven't had...
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    Point me in the right direction please!

    Hey all! I'm pretty new to Anime and Manga so, having just broken away from mainstream culture, I'm feeling pretty lost and alone at the moment... I know there's a load of good stuff out there, but I reckon (like with everything else) there'd be just as much bad stuff and I'm afraid to dive...