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    The Host

    Has anyone seen the excellent South Korean film The Host? If so what did peeps think of it? I thought it was excellent. Very funny in places, good creature design and stinging satire! Thought I'd share that.
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    Has anyone played the first person perspective shoot 'em up Black? Its totally mindless, has a woeful story, blinkin' awful characters but it sure is a lot of fun to play.
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    Pan's Labyrinth

    I thought it was high-time a Pan's Labyrinth thread was made, seeing as far as I'm concerned its one of the best movies I've seen this decade. Has anyone else seen it and if so what did they think? I loved it. Both the fantasy side of the story and war side of the story were both as...
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    Far East Films(China/Hong Kong; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan)

    Just a thread for discussion on films from any genre made in the Far East. Watched 1988's Dragons Forever film yesterday with Jackie Chan (and also Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao). I've seen this a few times over the years now and though its regarded as one of Jackie's finest movies, I think its...
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    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider franchise

    I'm sure this won't be the most popular thread, but I do quite enjoy the Tomb Raider games, and what with the Anniversary game being released in April, I thought I'd create a dedicated area for Tomb Raider followers. By the way, for those who don't know Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary (to...
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    Final Fantasy Overview Thread

    This thread is for any Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy related conversation. If someone decides to make a new thread I hope they bleed. :wink:
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    Has anyone seen the Mamoru Oshii directed Polish film Avalon by chance, and if so what was their verdict? Cheers. :)
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    Thought I'd make a dedicated thread to Okami seeing as its released offically in the UK on 09/02/07. Really, really, really looking forward to this one. Should be another game that waves the flag for the more artistic merits of video games. On top of that it should be a good game to play...
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    Children Of Men

    So, anyone seen this brilliant film yet? Sure, people keep going on and on about the action sequences (which are very impressive), but the film as a whole is fantastic and relevant. You could say its the film V For Vendetta would have liked to have been. Maybe. I recommend this to anyone...
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    Video Game Scores / Soundtracks

    I was looking at all the previous threads in this section and was very surprised no one had made one in regards to video game soundtracks. Simple question/s: What are / is forum members favourite video game soundtracks? Any highlights? Any that you think are underrated? Overrated? Do...
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    One Hour Photo

    Anyone watched the psychological thriller One Hour Photo with Robin Williams? I watched it on Film4 a few months back and rate it as one of my current favourite psychological thrillers (particulary from Hollywood America). And I empthasized with Robin William's character too. I bought it...
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    Forbidden Siren franchise

    I confess that I haven't ever played the first Forbidden Siren game, but I'm currently ten "missions" into the second game. Its the closest Survival Horror game in look and feel I've played since the first Silent Hill title way back in 1999 on the PSOne. The guy who worked on the first...
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    Wild Arms franchise

    Has anyone played any of the Wild Arms games and if so what do they think of them? The only one I've played is Wild Arms 3 on the PS2 and though it was fairly unambitious I still quite enjoyed it (though this was in the "earlier days" when I first started playing Japanese RPG's proper, so to...
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    God Of War franchise

    Anyone played God Of War on the PS2? I absolutely loved this game (though I don't think its gameplay mechanics are as good as Devil May Cry 3). Stunning soundtrack, and though he maybe clichèd, I thought the main character Kratos was fantastic. What do peeps think? And what do people...
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    Rule Of Rose European Ban

    I just discovered that PS2 title Rule Of Rose has been banned in all European Union territories (UK included I believe), thanks - apparently - to some governmental official from Italy. Problem is, the concerns alledged at this game are fictious, and a result of nothing more than a knee-jerk...
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    Seven Swords

    Bought this on the cheap yesterday and for me personally it is one of the best Chinese / Hong Kong films I've seen (and one of the best epic films from any territory I've seen this decade thus far). Anyone who likes epic period pieces (particulary anyone who enjoyed the 2002 South Korean film...
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    So, who wants to discuss this game?! :lol:
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    The Corporation

    Anyone watched a documentary film called 'The Corporation'? In light of many people's dismay of recent Sony activities in regards to a certain online import retailer, I thought it would be a good time to bring-up this film in regards to big business. The doucumentary / film is basically...
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    Underrated Games

    As the title of this thread suggests, this is about what games people have played and / or got which are underrated by either the media, general public or both. I'll begin with the following: * Arc (the Lad): Twilight Of The Spirits * Beyond Good & Evil * Breath Of Fire (all of them...
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    Books / Literature

    This might not be the most popular of threads, but this is for anyone who wants to discuss the books / literature they are reading (or have read) be it fiction or non-fiction. I'm currently reading a non-fiction book called Introducing Chomsky. For those who don't know and are interested...