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    Durarara DVD Question

    Ok so the Durarara DVD has been out for a while, and I know the one avaiable to us on and only has the japanese dub. But does anyone know if the English is going to be coming over here? The us website for Durarara is up with trailers and clips, but the powers that be...
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    Hey everyone u want some rare limited edition DVDs? Well look no further than ya good old JAKEMAN First up we have Galaxy Angel the complete first series limited dvd boxset PLEASE NOTE THE DVDS IN THIS SET ARE REGION 1, YOU WILL NEED A REGION 1 OR MULTI-REGIONAL DVD PLAYER TO PLAY THEM...
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    What series do you think should get a reboot?

    Seeing as the evangelion movies are half way through, Dragonball Kai nearly finishing the cell saga, What other anime series would you like to see be "rebooted"? Seeing as Nostaglia is the fore front of alot of these reboots I think a series that would deserve a reboot would be none other...
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    Jakeman Doodles

    In honour of mine and karis' cosplays for the next London Expo
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    One Piece 4 week break Almost over! SPOILERS!

    Well I guess this kinda of spoilery so I put the spoiler on the thread, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! How is everyone doing with the 4 week break One Piece is currently having in Japan at the moment? Only one week left as of this date and post, I have survived quite well lol. I have been...
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    A lone shadowy figure emerges

    Hello everyone Hmm it seems this place hasn't changed much. To quote Optimus Prime "Yes i'm back" Was my coming back to this humble place something planned? Hell no :D (Oh I am loving these little emoticons!) Where have I been? Loads of places What have I done? So very much
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    What do get when you mix a case of boredom, a whole lot of toy swords and lightsabres, a trampoline and an incomplete cosplay helmet. You get HARRY-TRON!
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    Dragonball Z Sparking Meteor or Budokai Tenkaichi 3

    Yes it's that time of year again where we get the first glimpses of the next DBZ multi console game, which I am happy about hehe. It's japanese website is here From the looks of it we will get 150 characters this time three have already been annouced which are King...
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    I'm engaged yay

    Hey everyone, god it has been so long since I have been on here but alot of stuff has happened and basically I have met the girl of my dreams and we are engaged yay, hehe also I am starting my animation course in september, woo life could not be sweeter :D .
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    Hi everyone, it has been ages since I have been on here. I have been keeping my self busy though. For my 2nd Porject in foundation art I created a documentary on Transformer fans. I have put the first draft on youtube, I also have two other version still in production. Also I know that the...
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    Anyone going to May London Expo?

    A little heads up to anyone going, is anyone going? I will be :D
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    One Piece UNlimited (WII Game)

    Has anyone seen the previews for I know it wont get a european release because of the brew haha of 4kids. But this game looks so cool, but the main reason why I want to play it is because you can be Franky in the game. :lol...
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    One Piece Movie 8

    Has anyone else been excited about One Piece movie 8. What it is, is a movie version of the arabalsta arc, which I think is great because it is one of my favourite arcs. The log book for the film looks so cool, I have been searching eBay to find it. One thing different with the movie version...
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    Favourite Anime couple

    Well who is your favourite anime couple and why? My favourite anime couple I have always liked is in Gundam Wing It is Zechs and Noin The reason behind it is the way they act with each other and how Noin will follow Zechs to the end. She openly says that she loves him and it isvery...
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    Be sure to check out TFWIRE (I'm in it!)

    The one and only Transformer podcast, it covers everything Transformers, and for the next episode (Episode 73) I will be in it, doing the bundle of UK news we have got in this past week please check it out. I am also going to be on the Listener fan round table, so listen out for that too...
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    Black Cat

    This has just come into Funimation's grasp and I must say from what I have seen from it, it is very good. It has a good mix of action and comedy, sorta what Nadesico was like. Memorable characters, good fight scenes and a catchy opening and ending, (Good one for all you catgirl and boy fans...
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    Mighty Boosh

    Who likes the Boosh here? I love it I am even going as The Hitcher to the next London Expo :lol:
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    Transformers Movie new trailer

    The new trailer comes out today only on Yahoo, here is the link I t has a little timer to when it will be shown, bad thing on my part because its being shown when I start work :x
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    Nerima Daikon Brothers

    Has anyone seen this yet, I found it very weird at first but then after a second time of watching it I really got into it. It is basically a Musical comedy, each episode they burst into song. Who created this hmm well you might say he has an afro, yes it is good old shinichi watanabe, like...
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    One Piece and Dragonball fusion UPDATED

    Announced in chapter 436 there is going to be a specail manga story done by Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda, cant wait for thois to come out wooo, I would love a One Piece dragonball cross over. GOMINO GOMINO HAME-HA!