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    Death Note: The Manga

    I detest the anime, it's so poorly done, it doesn't do the manga justice! I love the way it's drawn so much <3>= tch, although i have to admit, if she hadn't have told me i wouldn't have started reading. -cries-
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    Borrowing Manga

    My friends are constantly borrowing my mangas, it's funny because i hate it, because they always come back ganked and yet it's nearly always me who offers them. When people ask i generally pretend i don't hear them -cough- Waah my first issue of tokyo babylon, took the girl 5 weeks to give it...
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Trying to block out the sound of my dad ranting, telling me to pack my bags for spain when we have forever yet to do so. SR-71 going full blast in my ears @_@
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    Things/People that you find annnoying.

    I don't think it's racism unless they're ridiculing someone's taste in clothes, wearing it only to demonstrate something... -watches Crash- ... forgot to put what i was originally gonna say ^_^; I really hate the people in Trafalgar that feed/ molest the pigeons, i want those nasty...
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    1 word to describe your day

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    Death Note: The Manga

    I finished deathnote in december, loved it until the end. Everyone should give it a try. I don't wanna give anything away, but i detest Raito. I find all the guys love Raito and all the girls love L. I quite like Melo. Near just annoyed me, and he's so disrespectful! Sadly the animes no...
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    Long time no see guys ^_^ er... I like.... Cookies! Lots of things really, I tried ramen and now have little urges, i also have a little fetish for fried tofu.
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    TokyoToys - At MCM 'Anime Village' London 29th & 30th Oc

    Ooh choco banana pocky are fab ^^ I get them when i go to brighton to see my sis. Yummers
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    ~The avatar thread~

    Not in connection with your convo but I like shinn's avatar. Asran is awsome ^_^;
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    Hey, what day are you going to the Expo?

    I'm going on both days, I'm not switching costume though, too much effort. I'm going as paine. =D
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    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    1st volume of school rumble. Haha kappa....
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    BeyUK Staff

    I watched most of the 3 series. Love Kai so much ^_^'' He shoulda crushed Takao into the ground damn it! Ahem... On the other hand, I'm not good with dimensions and graphics and all that clap trap. Seems pretty demanding ;_; So nah.
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    London Expo 29th-30th Cosplay final decisions

    I'm definately gonna be Paine from ffx-2 in her usual outfit. So no one copy me ¬_¬.... Should be fun ^_^ I'm looking forward to this so much!
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    Fresh out of London Expo

    Does that mean you were at the expo last may? =S Confused.
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    Poetry By Ramen89?(Whats the world coming too)Please read :)

    Mm. Very deep and meaningful. I too like the torment. I think it's sad that everyone dies. =S I'm fond of poetry, but only write when i have to.
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    Fruits Basket

    I loved vol.10 so much! I though 8 and 9 were slightly dull, but 10 was so great and the ending was such a cliffhanger! -rocks back and forth- when's vol.11 coming out!? Ps I am a yuki X tohru fan, but Kyo's nice too^_^;
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    ~The avatar thread~

    It's a cool avatar! I went on your site ryo, really funky! I'm not staff material, but will make constant visits to it. Hehe.
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    ~The avatar thread~

    Asran from gundam SEED is yours, ne?
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    idea for a little manga

    I like R2D2's Bow tie =P
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    X/1999 anyone on here read it?

    I just finished the tokyo babylon manga (cries) the film was... crap. But the series is fantastic! I can't find the manga, but i would buy it if i could.