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    Wrestling game

    For any wrestling fans out there you should try this game, im not a big fan of wrestling but I still play and love this game, so even if ya dont like wrestling that much and ya just board click the link below and il see ya in the squared circle 8)...
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    GMT + 1

    I was just wondering why the time on this site is set to GMT + 1 when its a UK site, Surely GMT +0 would be better, Thought I was out of my mind when I read the time for one of my posts LOL
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    Blue Dragon

    I downloaded a demo of this new RPG for me 360 and played it last night, although obviously aimed at the the younger gamers due to the graphics and game play i quite enjoyed playing the one hour demo and i am consedering getting the game soon, anyone else heard of or played this game 8)
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    CS Gas

    I got my self sprayed with this stuff on the way back from the pub friday night, just wondering if any one else on here has evey had any experiance with this vile substance, I went blind for about 3 hours and my eyes and throught where still stinging the next morning untill i got in the...
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    New job

    My first day at new job and first thing im doing is posting on here LOL 8)
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    I got a job

    I got a job woohoo, im now a database reasercher in oxford street, yay me LOL 8)
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    The Flying car (Original)

    For all you out there that have seen the flying car AMV heres the original, I must have seen this AMV a hundred times and I never figured out it was these two blokes that it came from originaly 8)
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    If Anime UK News was the DC Universe, who would you be?

    folowing in the footsteps of the marvel thread, same premise just DC, if this was the DC universe who would you want to be? Id be Lobo cos he kicks ass and basicly dose what ever he wants and dosn't give a **** about anything or anyone, would be fun to be like that for a lil while at least LOL 8)
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    Sky Vs Virgin

    Which company are you going/staying with and why, My parents are currently talking about there options and would to know what you guys think is the right choice to make. So will it be sky or virgin that they eventually go with, the fate of my future TV channels is in your hands LOL 8)
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    Why have you only got ten Ranks in your statistics page, wheres all the rest ? 8)
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    Naruto game

    I found this game while browsing online, its nothing mager but quite good at passing the time. So if your bored and like naruto then check it out Its quite good once you get into it 8)
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    Expo Badges

    Are we having any badges this year to identify each other as AUKN news members 8)
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    Guess who's back ?

    Go on guess, youl never get it 8)
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    Dragon Quest

    I saw this in Neo and as I own Dragon warrior Battles 1 and 2 on the GB (Spin offs) I am very exited about getting this game, all I can say is that its about time, anyone else interested in this 8)
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    The kNights Templars (RF Guild)

    This is a guild that me and Valha are going to set up for RF when we get enough members and money. So if your playing Cora on spitit server, then come on over and sign your self up 8) <a href="">Visit My Website</a>
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    Ive watched this series with Valha and have to say its one of my fav series, with random deaths that you wont see coming and a twisted story arc this series is definetly worth a watch. Although the Ending is something of a mystery but I wont spoil it for you so youl just have to watch it, any...
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    Bleach game 8)

    Anyone here seen or heard anything about this, sumone I know has it and they rekon its preety good 8)
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    Best Pokemon Type

    What type of Pokemon is the best? P.S i havent included the newer types cos there wasnt enough room.
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    Best Final Fantasy

    I was just wondering which FF game everybody thought was the best and why?
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    Missing post numbers

    8 Anime Mastermind 500 - 699 9 Superhero 850 - 999 What happend to 700 - 849 :)