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    Death Note English Cast Announcement Stuart Claw is announcing the English cast for the show on his show, which can be listened to on the above page, it's just started at 8pm. I'm getting interference and I can't listen properly, anyone else getting the same? Damm, I'm wishing to know who is voicing who...
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    London Anime Con / / Kanacon (Link to KyuuCON information - Here) Now being involved with the whole con running thing and being an internet anime fan based in the UK, and so using UK anime forums (such as this) I really have no idea to make of this. Complete...
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    Tomo-Dachi 2007 Announced

    Press Release August 31st-September 2nd Something to mark on your calender for next summer.
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    Gundam Games - any fans?

    Anyone here a fan of the Gundam games for the PS2? I know they aren't exactly the best 10/10 in Edge games in the world but they are very enjoyable, moreso if, like me, you are a massive fan of the Gundam series (and the original UC timeline). Just got my mittens on Gundam Vs. Zeta Gundam...
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    Tomo-Dachi 2006

    Tomo-Dachi 2006 Clickie Me Here Hey guys, we have recently annouced TD06, the latest 3 day convention for 2006, with our guest of honour Tiffany Grant. Our website and booking system is now now, we had some problem wwith the booking system when it launched, but everything is working...
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    Gungrave - Overdosed?

    Anyone a fan of the game series? I love it and have loved it for quite some time now. Got the chance to pick up the sequel Overdose, and well, I'm in love all over again. The game has its flaws, hell I could list them like a shopping target, but any true fans knows to see past these flaws...
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    Dama - Catering for Anime fans in NI, online and offline! With monthly meetings and a healthy online forum, join the Derry Anime and Manga Association bringing anime and manga to masses in Northern Ireland! Also, we run anime conventions! ;)
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    Makai Kingdom

    The Japanese box^^ It has just recently come out over here. Anyone currently playing this or planning to get it? I'm currently on the 1st level of the 6th stage and loving it! I just got my first prinny (Yes! They do come back from Disgaea!) and I have only had the Guts (the name of...
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    Tomo-Dachi : Northern Ireland's 1st Anime Convention

    NORTHERN IRELANDS FIRST ANIME CONVENTION HAS ARRIVED. TOMO-DACHI. On August 27th Derry/Londonderry will be the first city in Northern Ireland to host the first ever national Japanese Animation Convention (an “anime conâ€
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    Dama-Con May (Ireland's Regular Mini Anime Con!)

    Derry Anime and Manga Association Convention May 2005 (Northern Ireland) Well its coming up to that time of the month again, that's right the monthly Dama! This month we are showing Chobits, Full Metal Alchemist, Ghost in A Shell: Stand Alone Complex and loads more including the psychotic...
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    Watashi wa Dani desu. Im a long time haunter of the UK anime scene, just never talk much. With the emergance of such fine UK based sites, such as these I have had to come out of the wood works. I write reviews on the sites that can be found in my sig, that is my part time job, ie the job where...