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    Songs you like and dislike at this moment in time.

    I'm loving the Holloway's 'Generator' even though it's nothing more than a prolonged chorus... Hating Razorlight's new song... "Right, we need to write a new album before everyone gets bored/forgets about us... what shall we write this song about? I know let's make it appeal to our friends...
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    DOA:Dead Or Alive - The Movie

    I will have no bad words said about this film! I saw it with my mate the other week and we both enjoyed it as a guilty pleasure, not for the storyline (I'm told there actually was one!) but just for seeing the characters come to life, even if the acting was lacking ever so slightly... After...
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    Advice for a budding artist, please!

    Top quality as usual! You've got the talent so I'm sure you'll pick it up again in the future once you've settled in at uni and stuff (plus there's a reason for margains on lecture notes - doodling rocks!)
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    Expo October - Room List

    Just to confirm that I won't be able to make it for any day now :( Damn work... Try to have fun without me and I'll make sure I can make it for the Expo in Oct!
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    Advice for a budding artist, please!

    I was wondering where you'd run off to, but that was well worth the wait! ^_^ Sorry I can't offer anything but praise, but you deserve all you can get! Let's see some more!
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    New UK TV channel Anime+ from Sony Europe?

    This is good news, but like a lot of people I'm trying not to get too excited. Let's wait for confirmation before we break out the champagne, but my bottle's chilling as we speak! :wink:
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    Swindon Anime Freak and Ninja Rider

    Welcome! Hope you like it here!
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    Just another Introduction

    Hey there! I'm a part time Southamptoner (in Essex at the mo though) but I don't think too many people on here are from that part of the country. Hope you like it here!
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    What you guys doing right now.

    I'm sitting around, pretty bored (hence why I turned to the internet :wink: ) waiting for tonight when I'm going out for a few 'quiet' drinks. Oh, and I am still here guys, don't worry, call off the search party (what do you mean you didn't notice...?) Can't wait til I'm back at uni with my...
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    Micro Machines V4

    After a quick scan, I didn't find anything said about this yet. I just wanted to warn you guys who may have enjoyed the brilliant V3 to be very catious if you're considering getting this (personally I'd say avoid it all together, but maybe rent it to make your own mind up about it) It just...
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    London Summer Meet 18th, 19th & 20th August

    I usually work Saturday nights, but as I'm only a lazy part timer I can see if I can get someone to cover for me! But I should be able to make the Friday night still... Put me down as a maybe and I'll get back to ya as soon as!
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    Official definition of "manga" is confirmed

    It's good to have some solid 'evidence' that the word should only be applied to Japanese products, but I don't reckon it'll stop people refering to all the non-Japanese copies as manga as well though. It's kinda like 'Hoover', I know it's a brand but I'm always calling all vacuum cleaners...
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    Hewoooooooo \\^_^ ^_^//

    Better late than never: welcome! ^_^
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Just got back from Gran Canaria last night (only found out it's the gay capitial of Europe when I arrived, good thing I'm pretty liberal!) Twas an ok holiday, but I missed home and my mates a fair bit. Trying to catch up on most of the new topics from last week, but still not posting much...
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    The trailer which won me best student film

    That's at least as good as some of the stuff I've seen made on my degree so very good work! (Especially if you made it all on your own, I know how much of a biatch filmmaking can be!) With that kind of quality, I hope you'll be carrying on with some kind of film course next year! :P
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    Hello YOU :0

    Any fan of Excel Saga gets an extra warm welcome from me! ^_^
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    Hey everyone.

    Welcome! Hope you like it here!
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    Piccys by Mini-Mariah!!

    Wow, that's really cute! Screw the rest of your lessons, just draw more =P (I joke, stay in school kids :P )
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    Welcome, together we can put those dark, dark Pokemon days behind us...
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    What in the hootnanny! >:0

    I hope it IS! Lol. Welcome anyway (no, not you Hazel, I've already said hi to you...)