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    Geneon in turmoil after deal with ADV Films is canceled

    Don't expect to wait long for those newer releases, there's money to be made with them and someone or some company will find a way to get it.
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    Here, dama, tomo, neogaf, edge, amecon, skullknight, eirtaku,, crisscross japan More but that's off the top of my head.
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    impact of nex gen consoles within the UK

    No they didn't meet demand, but they sold every single console they could possibly manufacture. To me, that is as high that the sales should be. =)
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    impact of nex gen consoles within the UK

    Constantly sold out across every region in the world and soon to overtake the 360 (despite its year long head start) in sales, what? Nintendo's release strategy seems to be making them many many millions, just because you have to wait for the games by no way means the will is starting to fail.
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    Butch Cassidy's Major clearout sale.

    Liar! You posted this on multuple forums, no one in particular gets first dibs! False advertising! Fight the faceless one!
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    Death Note English Cast Announcement

    List updated.
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    Death Note English Cast Announcement

    Yeah, the trailers give you some audio clues, but the radio program promises to outright name them. =)
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    Death Note English Cast Announcement Stuart Claw is announcing the English cast for the show on his show, which can be listened to on the above page, it's just started at 8pm. I'm getting interference and I can't listen properly, anyone else getting the same? Damm, I'm wishing to know who is voicing who...
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    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

    The lack of Seed is what helps make it good. 0079 FTW. =)
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    Advice Needed !!!

    Some people are limited by where they live or expenses when it comes to going to an anime con. Look around for your local convention and head to it or seek out the next one going or whatever one you choose and get to that. It's all fun for anime fans. By the way, people like Berserker, do...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date!!!!!

    This is the most stupid thread I've read in a while. The game has not yet been announced. Release dates for unannounced games exist only in people's heads. Your topic with five exclamation marks is insultingly misleading. Edit: Request to mods, if they are reading, or the original...
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    People of the North West Rejoyce! Recon is here

    What's that Nintendo logo about?
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    ADV Films license new Shinkai movie 5cm Per Second

    This is brilliant, awesomeness. Loved the show.
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    VIZ Media Clamping Down On Death Note Fan Subbers

    Final episode: Matsuda shoots Light Light reveals himself as Kira Mikami begs for forgiveness Near reveals he did a double switch with the note Nobody from the SPK or L's team dies Light is killed after failing to get enough time to write people in the death note scrap bried in his watch...
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    Second half of KARAS coming soon

    I was only asking to see if the release was on time or not, which it is. I had forgotten about the title since it's been so long.
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    Second half of KARAS coming soon

    About damm time! Was there any mention as to the cause of the delay? Or was it planned this way?
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    Lolicon manga feeling the heat in Japan

    This isn't surprising, some bookstores in Japan sell hentai so commonly, it's like seeing dutch porno at a Tesco's checkout. Good to see Japan isn't as mad and crazy as "they" say.
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    ADV Films Licenses Xenosaga Anime

    I see this going the way of the Final Fantasy anime ADV put out a while ago.
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    New Oshii anime movie: The Sky Crawlers coming in 2008

    Your kidding, right? Look at the thmes of the film, you think someone would be able to control his ego over a subject so deep?