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    Games you played but you bet no one else has

    Wow,someone who actually remembers it! :eek: The worst part of the game for me was those weird harpy things that flew around stalking you before laughing in a deranged fashion and clawing at your eyes....I can still hear the laughter.......
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    Games you played but you bet no one else has

    I played Mickeys Wild Adventure too,the best level was the mad doctor one! :) I've played some pretty unknown games in my time,best of which being Silent Bomber on the PS1,StarFox Adventures on the Game Cube and Tech Romancer on the Dreamcast......anybody know these?^_^;
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    Death Note: American Live-Action Script Summary

    Ditto for me,although I'm sure it will be more the former than the latter from the sound of the plotline so far. :P Looks like that's another anime adaption down,now our hopes reside in Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell(hopes for good adaptions).
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    Happy Birthday TACHI and RYO-CHAN!!

    Happy Birthdat Tachi and Ryo Chan!^_^
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Have some time off college so I'm doing what any good student does.....catching up on the forums and watching some Dragonball! :)
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    I'm self learning at the moment with a friend.Mostly,the resources I've been using have been a series of brilliant podcasts called Japanese Pod 101 which contain lots of useful grammar as well as tips on pronounciation.Other than that,I've picked up a fair bit from anime!Hopefully in the future...
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    Evangelion 2.0 showing at cinema in germany November

    Lucky you! :) Well,maybe theres hope for seeing rebuild in cinemas for us brits yet because Manga have the U.K cinema distribution rights for 1.0,so we may well get a limited release like Ponyo and the Deathnote films.^_^
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    Lucky Star Manga

    Well,United publications says vol.2 is due out this month and their dates are pretty reliable,but I don't know why theres so much trouble getting hold of it or information on it for that matter? :?
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    X TV series competition

    So,we post our entries here...right?Anyway,here are mine so far:
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    Paranormal Activity

    anybody know when this is out as I'd quite like to see it.Apparently its so scary Speilberg couldn't finish watching it!
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    Happy Halloween AUKN!

    Happy Halloween all! I've been reliving my childhood by watching some of the specials on kids tv(The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy mostly),watching Vampire Hunter D and Trinity Blood as well as listening to the Disgaea soundtrack!^_^
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    Daylight Savings

    Funnily enough it actually got me pretty good this year because of expo.Me and my friends were hanging out in our hotel room after midnight watching Q.I after the saturday night party when we checked the clocks,only to find that for some reason it was an hour earlier than expected.Due to our...
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    London expo

    Had an awesome time although I'm super exhausted right now!Best expo yet by far with lots of great cosplays and stands!.The saturday night party was brilliant aswell.Over the course of the weekend I've learnt a few things: 1.It is possible to survive off Pocky for two days(just not advisable)...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Still pushing through the final part of Bioshock on the 360.Man,that game knows how to make me jump!
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    Manga Twitter: News Round up & 2 questions answered

    Sweet!I'll be there to get a Soul Eater poster for sure!It would be cool if Manga announced they had Soul Eater,that would make both the U.S and U.K releases come out round the same time(meaning for once we wouldn't be behind!).
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    Gintama movie adaption by Warner Brothers revealed

    A movie adaption of the manga and anime series Gintama is to be announced in next mondays issue of Weekly Shounen Jump in Japan.The production company Warner Brothers had registered the domain name earlier this month,but currently the page is not active. Source:Anime News...
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    Officer Beats Special Needs Student On Camera

    Goes to show how some people abuse their power.Such a shame when this happens as it gives a bad name to the rest of the force they are part of.I hope that the officer in question was dismissed from the force for that and an apology sent to the boy.
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    London expo

    Best time to get there to get a good spot in the queue would actually be about 7:00-7:30am^_^;.However,if you wanted to miss the queue entirely I would say from experience to arrive around 10:30am.When I did that about 2 years ago I just got to walk straight in^_^(although there may be a lot...
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    London expo

    Theres an evening party at the Novotel near the excel center on saturday night.^_^
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Just finished the main body of my caster gun,so now it's just some detailing and paint to go and that's easily accomplishable before expo.Deffinatley the hardest prop I've had to build yet!^_^;