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    Might and Magic: Dark Messiah

    I played it on a friend's PC... I will ask
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    Might and Magic: Dark Messiah

    Played the demo too... Very nice the blood bathed blade effect...
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    Desent Mecha Games?

    Armored Core, Last Raven for Ps2 You can: Build your own mecha selecting various part Customize its performance Paint it Select between a LOT of weapons\component\options In the Last Raven chapter you should also able to store reserve weapons in special torso room and enemy can...
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    What you guys doing right now.

    Going to hunt for food...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    If you want she can chase me instead...
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    Favourite Game Openings ... i%20Tensei OMG THIS!
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    Favourite Game Openings ... m%20Climax Climax U.C. Intro...
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    Star wars Battlefront 1-2

    I do not know what to say Capuchin... I remember that in the XBox section of the forum they all complain about bugs and crashes, mainly in the swoop missions...
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    Favourite Game Openings ... =Xenogears Xenogears... I found the video...
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    Neverwinter Nights

    And become famous like the Lodoss party and get our own manga...
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    Neverwinter Nights

    My MSN contact: Feel free to add me if you haven't problem with my bad english...
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    Neverwinter Nights

    Played online time ago... I haven't unistalled it and if someone want to play in a permaworld or some mod togeter he have only to ask...
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    Star wars Battlefront 1-2

    Star Wars Battlefront is a nice game if you don't want a traditional FPS... Battlefront II have very small innovation, but is programmed much better... KotOR was a superb rpg IMHO, it take place in a very interesting SW period and have a nice story... KotOR II have merit and flaws... The best...
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    Half-Life 2 Episode 1 > You

    Still that Gizmondo haven't Micro$oft as backup, that press for converting PC Based titles for XBox and deny the option to release patches... (Example Knights of the Old Republic II upon all...)
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    Half-Life 2 Episode 1 > You

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    So whats your desktop?

    I'm waiting to be inspired to search some images for a certain Gundam Wallpaper I want to make...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    Guild Wars, occasionaly some team games with SEED OMNI vs ZAFT... I NEED MORE MECHA GAMES!!! Help me... :°(
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    Are you going to get a PS3

    After a couple of months the price will lower... Anyway after watching the video for the Gundam game and Armored Core 4 I have decided to have it...
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    Have you ever played a game in another language?

    Gundam SEED Never Ending Tomorrow: Japanese Gundam SEED OMNI vs ZAFT: Japanese Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C.: Japanese And if that counts, all my other games are in English...
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    Favourite Game Openings

    Mobile Suit Gundam :Climax U.C. I have to say, is more than gorgeous... Maybe the game is not the state of the art of gaming, but that intro is marvelous... Perfectly timed\chosen song, epic scenes that make you feel the spirit of U.C. The Sazabi\Nu Gundam battle is spectacular... And...