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  1. Animefreak17 baaaaaaack

    hows everyone doing its been 5 years
  2. Animefreak17

    how would you describe the FMA series

    It's for my video. I'm trying to describe it's greatness and why non fans should watch it.... please help a brother out
  3. Animefreak17

    animefreaks youtube page

    Update(06/08/2016) - because of the AnimeUKNews forum being taken down, we lost content from December 2015 to June 2016. So any posts in that period have been lost, and we apologise for any inconvenience. well here I am il need stuff to talk about so if anyone has anything for me to talk...
  4. Animefreak17

    what UK DVDs and blu rays are out in the current month

    Ok here's the deal.... Resently I have been having trouble finding out which anime is out in the recent months... I know what's coming out but I don't know which one's are coming out in the month they are coming out in. Yes I know we have a... this week's releases are threads.. But I'd like...
  5. Animefreak17

    the *what would you recommend* thread

    I made this thread so that if you don't know what to watch or want a friend or family member to watch a anime with or without you then you can ask on this thread to what you would recommend or ask questions about if a show is ok for new people to watch a anime and which series you would...
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    Animefreak17's Saucy Adventures in Anime Acquisition (a silly spin-off thread)

    Hey guys... I got a huge load from unknownfate today and its a huge load..... thank you fate. Since its such a huge box il instead of putting them on here il but putting them in the viewing thread to what I'm watching next... the only anime I had left was saiyuki but now I have a load of...
  7. Animefreak17

    help with kill la kill

    im watching kill la kill part 1 boxset and when I took it out to put the next disc in.... it said that it had 4 on one disc and 3 on the other and the box said that it has 9 eps but all I saw was 7 ep.... so whats up with that
  8. Animefreak17

    question about the manga monster

    I want to know if the manga monster prefect edition 1-6 is the complete collection .... like the whole series.... Also I'd like to know if the manga.... another monster will be released... If anyone knows let me know.. Reading a manga from a book is fun
  9. Animefreak17

    how do you look after your manga

    I got my first bunch of manga today and I love the manga but I want to put them in something or put a cover on them so they won't ruin faster over time.... I need some for big manga books and a few for little ones.... someone help me out please... I want to take care of
  10. Animefreak17

    a little help with getting a manga

    I'm going to get dance in the vampire bund but I have no idea where to start Here is the site I'm getting them from ... %20bund%22 I don't know which ones to get.... I haven't got any of the manga.... just the anime..... which ones should I get and...
  11. Animefreak17

    help with index and railgun

    I'm trying to put in order the series of the two series Index season 1 and 2 And Railgun season 1 and 2 And The movie Some say Index s 1 Index s2 Railgun s1 Railgun s2 Movie Some say Index s1 Railgun s1 Index s2 Railgun s2 Movie Some say Index s1 Railgun s1 Railgun s2 Index s2 Movie...
  12. Animefreak17

    serious recommendations

    Is it me or has there been a shortage of good anime to watch lately. I was trying to see what I should buy from United publications and to be honest I'm not sure what to get......... I'm a collector and il watch any anime ......besides hentai....... Also anime seems to be more expensive...
  13. Animefreak17

    things in anime you get sick of seeing

    We all have our personal opinions about alot of things and there are loads of anime fans that likes seeing anything that has anything to do with Japan in there anime but I'm going to tell you .....And hopefully you guys can tell me.......What I get sick of seeing in anime all the time. 1 I'm...
  14. Animefreak17

    realism vs good examples

    This has been bugging me for ages and I'm getting around to talking about In most anime you have mostly good example characters or stereotype characters or good example storys..basically most good examples and stereotypes Like they are trying to do the right thing or there trying...
  15. Animefreak17

    is it me or does everything seem boring........

    Here's what I mean.... Yesterday I went to merry hill.....our big massive shopping center and they had everything from motcontrol helicopters to shose ...loads of stuff and I mean loads of stuff I saw the anime section and left it because I get my anime from up1 Anyways I looked all around...
  16. Animefreak17

    help with garden of sinners

    I just got garden of sinners today and id like someone to help me which order I should watch them From the movies, OVAs, specials, ect and which order they all go in. I heard there was a epilogue with this series ...should I watch this first or what..... I'm not planning to watch this yet til...
  17. Animefreak17

    i need help with making videos

    Iv been wanting to make a rant like forever... And iv tried to make a video of me talking and I sound awful...with ums and ahs and stuttering so I had this idea to put text to speech thing to my video so it can talk for me. Which is a great idea but the thing is o don't know how to...
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    which of these anime are the least interesting

    I'm in a pickle here ....... I'm watching aria at the moment and in almost done with the second season then I'm watching the 3rd after that........ After I'm done with that I have a choice between Legend of the Legendary heros The devil is a part timer Robotic notes Arcana famiglia...
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    help me out with oreimo 2 boxset

    Ok I recently brought oreimo season 2 and I'm nearly finished with it but I have a problem.... I'm really confessed with with its extras I know there's 13 tv episodes 3 OVAs But the problem is there 16 other extras and I dont know which is which Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai...
  20. Animefreak17

    help me find a anime my dad will like

    Ok two nights ago me my mom and dad finished monster and this is the first anime my dad has seen all the way though...... And he said he really liked it He said the ending pissed him off But he liked it all the way though......with it's mystery suspense how realistic it was...... My mon...