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  1. darkstorm

    Real Girl Collector's Edition Review

    Real Girl is an awkwardly written romcom about awkward teens finding a place in the world with each other, and in a way, that’s fitting. Continue reading...
  2. darkstorm

    Elfen Lied Omnibus Volumes 2, 3 and 4 Review

    The full Elfen Lied manga story is out in English, but has the wait been worthwhile? Continue reading...
  3. darkstorm

    A Witch's Love at the End of the World Volume 1 Review

    This yuri manga series has the right ingredients for a magical love spell, but overall, it’s a quick but disappointing read. Continue reading...
  4. darkstorm

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Review

    The sequel to the movie trilogy doesn’t ruin the original TV ending, or improve on it in any meaningful way, it sits comfortably in the middle; a 'take it or leave it' film that’s entertaining in its own right. Continue reading...
  5. darkstorm

    Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition 2 Review

    CLAMP’s Chobits continues to march forward with relatable characters and multi-layered themes that stay with you after the last page has been read. Continue reading...
  6. darkstorm

    UK Anime and Manga Christmas Gift Guide 2020

    The Anime UK News Christmas Gift Guide is back, but with a new twist. This time, the team has come together to give you ideas on what we think will make the best gifts you can give this year. Continue reading...
  7. darkstorm

    Free DVD/Manga Giveaway!

    I have used but good quality copies of Only the Ring Finger Knows novels vols 2 & 3 if anyone wants them?
  8. darkstorm

    Fate/Grand Order -mortalis: stella- Volume 2 Review

    Whilst the story isn’t as engaging as other Fate properties, and will never be as immersive as the original game, this volume has a lot more going for it than the first book did. Continue reading...
  9. darkstorm

    Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution Review

    The way that After the Revolution sells itself, from the cover art to the blurb on the back, is quite different to what we eventually get. Overall, it’s a nice experiment, but not what all fans are going to be expecting for the series’ 20th anniversary. Continue reading...
  10. darkstorm

    Bestia Volume 1 Review

    Bestia has just the right mixture of familiar, unusual and interesting for an urban fantasy manga that I can definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested. Continue reading...
  11. darkstorm

    Revue Starlight Collector's Edition Review

    Revue Starlight is a spectacle of an anime with lovely animation, great soundtrack and passionate cast to tell its story. Continue reading...
  12. darkstorm

    Maison Ikkoku Collector’s Edition Volume 1

    If you have yet to get yourself acquainted with Rumiko Takahashi’s work, or are looking to upgrade your copies, now’s a great time to invest in this series. Continue reading...
  13. darkstorm

    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Part 3 Review

    Revolutionary Girl Utena is a unique experience like no other, a shojo series that continues to be one of the best in the genre. True to its name, it’s revolutionary. Continue reading...
  14. darkstorm

    Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future Review

    It’s really wonderful that Square Enix gifted us with this book, instead of letting the legacy of the game die out without being completed, but it’s a shame that the creators felt the need to tell a whole new story that ultimately goes against the main games’ themes and meaningful ending...
  15. darkstorm

    Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition 1 Review

    I reviewed the hard copy of Chobits and it’s lovely; beautiful cover and well binded. I cant say anything about CCS CE as I have the Dark Horse omnibus’
  16. darkstorm

    Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition 1 Review

    Thanks @Ian Wolf - I will admit that one completely slipped my mind (it's on the few CLAMP series I haven't read/owned) so I've just tweaked it to say 'one of their most...' Thanks for flagging!
  17. darkstorm

    Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition 1 Review

    This new release of Chobits is not only a beautifully put-together book, with a new, more faithful translation, but is also a wonderful celebration of one of CLAMP's most interesting and provocative, if flawed, works. Continue reading...
  18. darkstorm

    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Part 2 Review

    There are a few stumbles in The Black Rose Saga’s run but the series continues to prove why it’s a beloved classic to begin with. Don’t miss picking up the gorgeous Blu-ray today. Continue reading...
  19. darkstorm

    Fangs out At Midnight: Anime and Manga’s Best Vampires

    With the Twilight series getting a new novel in August, the team at Anime UK News recommends their favourite vampires to sink your teeth into Continue reading...
  20. darkstorm

    Revolutionary Girl Utena: Part 1 Review

    The influential series Revolutionary Girl Utena is finally here in the UK and, so far, it’s been very much worth the wait. Part 1, the Student Council Arc, is out now on Blu-ray! Continue reading...