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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    Thanks for not reading and for putting words in my mouth. How am I speeding the western industry to its grave? Am I really killing it by not buying Gurren Lagann, Durarara!! and this show until there's a box set, when I will buy it? Or are you being overly dramatic? I believe I already...
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    It's nothing to do with being spoiled, or indeed limited to just anime. I've always refused to buy releases with a handful of episodes, including when US TV shows were released on VHS, as much for space as price. And in a time when it has become normal for ~13-26 episode releases, apart from a...
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    It's a 50 episode show, so it'll be 2 parts.
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    I thought they just said it won't be out this year. Not that it's cancelled completely.
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    First Squad&Onigamiden Anime Films Scheduled for the UK!

    Who has them licensed? I know Sony are releasing Onigamiden in the US. Here too?
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    Ah, I see someone put a couple of pack shots on Amazon. Looks to me like that first disc says it has episodes 1-4. So that looks like a 3 part release now. That'll be me not buying then. 2 sets max for that length of series.
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    Beez Entertainment Discussion

    It's a 26 episode show and it's being released in 2 sets, so I assume it would be 13.
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    Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

    It is co-produced by Bioware, EA and Funimation. Begs the question, is this actually anime, or just western animation? I can't seem to find who is doing the actual animation, but it seems to be entirely western beyond that.
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    Indomina to produce Afro Samurai live-action movie

    I think this could be its downfall, commercially. There's been a few movies which got good fanboy buzz online, but were failures, or at least disappointments, commercially.
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    Manga's new release schedule

    Interesting. I'd not been interested in any of the Kaze releases in the UK so far, but I was looking forward to what may come. But if they have issues like that, it's troubling.
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    Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

    I've been using Planetaxel for some time without issue. There is no customs issue as they post everything to you from within the EU. They also post items as soon as they come in stock instead of waiting for release date, so most pre-orders have been posted to me early. As much as a month early.
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    New Anime Releases 18/07/2011: Xam'd & Casshern Sins

    Manga can't set the retail price. They sell it to the retailers for a price and it's up to the retailers to set their retail price. Wasn't it even made illegal for someone such as them to set a retail price under competition law?
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    Upcoming UK Anime DVD Artwork!

    It's not new. It's in the show OP.
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    MangaUK confirm Strike witches uncut

    Firstly, I'll just say that I am opposed to censorship, but age ratings, as a guideline, do have their place. Secondly, what you want is unrealistic, and what you are doing is calling the vast majority of parents sh*t, not just some. I don't know if you have kids, but what you are expecting...
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    MangaUK confirm Strike witches uncut

    That rarely happens though. Parents are unlikely to be watching their kids playing a game to make a judgement. Probably unlikely to see a movie with their kids these days, with so many having their own TV and DVD player now. So the age rating is what they base the judgement on. But it doesn't...
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    MangaUK confirm Strike witches uncut

    I have seen the show and I'm not sure what you think would have been cut...?
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    Blu-ray Anime

    There are only two BD players with remote hacks for BD (plenty have them for DVD only) that I know of. One is that Tesco Technica one which they aren't getting more stock of, so you would have to be lucky to find one in stock anywhere. The other, whose name I can't recall right now, got a...
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    Arriety dub to have seperate UK cast.

    The majority of England doesn't have a single accent either. Whichever you pick, it won't be representing most of the country. So I find it a good idea to not worry about it.
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    New Anime Releases 27/06/2011: Akira & Gurren Lagann!

    I have no problem with Endless Eight, but I won't be buying it because of the other issues.
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    MangaUK confirm Strike witches uncut

    Yeah, US DVDs don't have to be rated, but certain massive retailers may not carry a release if it isn't, so they are often pretty much forced to rate them for that reason.