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  1. D1tchd1gger

    Simulwatch - The Horrors of World War II: The Pacific Theatre

    August sees the 75th anniversary of the end of hostilities in the Second World War, although skirmishes continued. This came swiftly after 2 of the most singularly horrific acts of war (as in a one off act as opposed to the many horrific acts perpetrated over longer periods during the war) ever...
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    Simulwatch - Akira - February 28th

    Welcome to the Akira Simulwatch/discussion thread. February the 28th is 147 days before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. So inspired by this screen shot I thought we could have a Simulwatch/discussion about Akira...
  3. D1tchd1gger

    A Doctor Breaks Down Cells at Work: Black

    The same Doctor that's been going through the anime adaptation of Cells at Work, has started going through the manga of the follow up. Chapter 1:
  4. D1tchd1gger

    Cells at Work - Episode 10

    The next video in the Doctor reacts series is up. He gets his predictions spot on in this one due to his knowledge. Gives me a greater respect for the creators as well:
  5. D1tchd1gger

    Cells at Work - Episode 9

    The next Doctor reacts video is up:
  6. D1tchd1gger

    Cells at Work - Episode 8

    The next Doctor reacts video is up:
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    Name the anime from the automated ticket gates!

    QUIZ: The Hardest Anime Quiz You’ll Ever Take I got 20.
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    Winter Anime 2019 - Thoughts/Awards

    Seeing as I have finished the season, and @crashmatt is slacking off 😜, I thought I'd make the seasonal thread for Winter 2019. My general thoughts are that either I'm getting a bit more critical or this season was pretty average dispite what I thought was a pretty strong start and actually...
  9. D1tchd1gger

    High Score Girl - Episode 15

    Didn't quite know where to put this, but Jim Sterlings latest Spin-off Doctors Podcast is about High Score Girl. So if you have an hour and a quarter spare, listen to Jim and his co-host gush about this fantastic series:
  10. D1tchd1gger

    The Promised Neverland - Episode 10

    Hmmm, was Norman really killed? We see surprise on his face when entering the room he was told to wait in. What was surprising? I don't think it was the demons because then it would be a look of horror and there would be no need to wait. Also we saw the dead bodies of the 2 previous victims of a...
  11. D1tchd1gger

    The Promised Neverland - Episode 4

    Phew, what a doozy! So Gilda is innocent, that meant it could have been Don, but I was thinking it could have also been Ray! And right at the end right after having possibly confirmed that it was Don, Norman confirms my thinking, but could Norman be testing him? Also if Ray was the spy why...
  12. D1tchd1gger

    Cells at Work episode 6

    The next episode of a Doctor reacts is up:
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    Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny-Girl Senpai ep 13

    Little shocked to see Sakuta actually upset that his sister regained her memories. I guess we know what caused his Puberty Syndrome, he couldn't help his sister back then, but is Shouko-san an illusion and thus also part of it? Possibly, but then again the her note was still on the table. Again...
  14. D1tchd1gger

    ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 12/Series Discussion

    What are your thoughts on the final episode and the show in general?
  15. D1tchd1gger

    Crunchyroll Awards - Categories and Judges Announced

    The categories and the judges have been announced for the Crunchyroll Awards for the best of 2018s anime. The awards for actual shows have been streamlined with the categories for Best Comedy, SOL, Drama, Action and Continuing Series all gone. Presumably because there can be a lot of crossover...
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    Spotify OPs & EDs Playlist

    I've made a playlist on Spotify of available OPs and EDs: It's made up of only original and full songs, with a few exceptions where either the full version isn't available and the TV size is, or if the anime version is a cover and isn't available I've added the original version. I've also...
  17. D1tchd1gger

    Banana Fish episode 9

    Amazon Prime series link I'm still not sure why Ash is choosing Eiji over other people, he's known him for a few weeks! How long has he known Shooter!? I could think of at least 3 different people in that room I would have put that bullet through rather than Shooter in that situation.
  18. D1tchd1gger

    Anglomois: Record of Mongol Invasion episode 6

    Crunchyroll link. Clever tactics to lure the 2 different parts of the Mongol army together. One seems to be the Mongols proper from mainland China and the other from what is now Korea who were allies/vassal state of the Mongols. A few historical notes. The hand cannon the Mongols used is the...