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    Time of EVE: The Movie on Blu-ray --- Kickstarter

    If you are interested: Teo
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    Simulwatch - serial experiments lain

    I suppose it's better to open a new thread. Episode 1 - Weird The episode name (which is an anagram of "wired" too) and the first scene (a girl committing suicide - spoiler for ep1) tell us immediately that we are not going to watch an easy show. But we got to know really few things, this...
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    space elevator

    Here: they say that a Japanese firm is considering the possibility of building a space elevator. Some of them are depicted in sci-fi anime series, like Starship Operators. Personally, I really hope this project will...
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    Anime related to cooking

    Since I told you that my actual main passion is pastry (and cooking in general), I would like to ask if you can name all the anime you know where cooking is involved as a main or recurrent theme. I'm a bit maniac and like to collect all movies/series on this subject. So far I know (remember...
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    What series to watch next?

    I'm wondering which series to watch next, I'm thinking about these 5 choices. Besides Trigun they are pretty long, for example I think it would take me about 1 month to watch Kenshin. Suggestions are welcome, thanks. Teo
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    Lum cosplay

    Haven't found any thread about posting cosplay pictures. I'm not even sure if this is the right section. By the way, today a friend sent me an e-mail with this Lum cosplay, thought it's worth sharing. Teo
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    Suggestions for British comedies

    I've watched some British comedies and loved them. My 2 favourites are Monty Python and Father Ted, I have also Fawlty Towers, Bottom, Blackadder, Goodness Gracious Me and Chef. I'm looking for some other shows to buy on DVD. Surfing on Amazon I wrote down these names: Dad's Army Only When...
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    teonzo's introduction

    Hi, I'm from Italy and started watching anime in the late '70s (Go Nagai's classic mecha shows, Future Boy Conan and so on). I stopped watching series in 1999 or 2000, and re-started about 3 years ago, so I have a lot of missing stuff to recover from the last decade. Teo