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    Studio Ghibli Steelbook Blurays

    Hey gang, Does anyone have any idea when the remaining Ghibli UK steelbook blurays will be released? Of the ones released so far, I've got Totoro and Nausicaa and I'm planning on getting Howl's moving Castle. The ones I'm really waiting for are Porco Rosso and Spirited Away, but I can't find...
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    Make me an offer: Random Japanese Magazines & Artbooks

    Hi there, I bought these items on my last trip to Japan in 2007. They might be of interest to someone here and as I don't have the room for them any more I've decided to try and sell them. I'm not looking for huuuuge amounts, just PM me what it would be worth to you and don't forget delivery...
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    J Pop Recommendations

    Hey guys, I've recently gotten into a couple of Japanese artists via radio on iTunes. I've picked up albums from Perfume, Capsule and Genki Rockets. Are there any other artists in this vein that I might enjoy? Something with lots of singing would be good for helping with my Japanese...
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    Planning a trip to Japan

    Hi there, AUKNers. I know a few of you have travelled to Japan before (Rui, I'm looking at you) and I'd like to ask for some advice for a trip I'm thinking of taking next year. My initial plan is to book flights in the new year sales, get a JR rail pass and travel around Japan in a loop...
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    JLPT this weekend (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

    Anyone else here taking the JLPT test this weekend? It's my first go sitting the N5 level and I'm rather nervous. Would be great if there is someone here who has sat the exam could let me know what to expect. Cheers K
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    What's the dealio with Macross?

    I've just finished the original Gundam series and really enjoyed it. I'm in the mood for something similar (but not Gundam AGAIN) and fancy checking this out. From the clips I've seen on Youtube it's got some pretty great 80s animation going on and apparently has a great soundtrack. However...
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    Gundam '79 TV Series

    Is it still getting a re-release? I seem to remember someone on here saying it was being re-released in the US and possibly the UK, but since then I've heard nothing. Cheers, K
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    Satoshi Kon Exhibition- One Thousand years of Memento

    If you fancy checking out some sweet (and highly unobtainable) Staoshi Kon themed merchandise, then check out this link. ... f-memento/ Part of a Satoshi Kon festival this weekend in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Would have loved, loved, loved, to have gone to...
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    Anyone still playing Super Street Fighter 4? (XB360)

    I know you lot have probably moved onto Marvel Vs Capcom but I've just got back into this after spending most of this year playing Deathsmiles and Vanquish. So if anyone is up for arranging some casual, friendly games that aren't endless Ryu, Ken, Akuma spam fests, please reply here...
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    Blade of the Immortal

    Checked out volume #1 of this at a comic shop over the weekend. The premise sounds awesome, it features some seriously cool violence and I was loving the art style. Before I jump in and start buying volumes though, has the series been released in it's entirety? I don't want to make the same...
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    Gits : Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig / Area88 Complete

    Both items are in as new, immaculate condition. Region 2 format. Ghost in the Shel Stand Alone Complex 1st Gig - £13 inc. delivery. Area88 Complete Collection - £7 inc. delivery Please post here or PM me f you have any questions about either item. Thank you for looking K
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    Lady Snowblood

    Can anyone tell me what the dealio is with this series of manga? I fancy checking it out as it's supposedly the inspiration for Tarantino's Kill Bill. I can only find 4 volumes which confusingly seem to be numbered: vol.1 vol. 2, lady snowblood: Retribution vol. 2 lady snowblood...
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    [FS] Manga - Ranma 1/2 Vols. 1-4 / Gunsmith Cats Vol.1

    Ranma 1/2 Vols. 1-4 (Newer print, 'blue cover' editions) Condition: Used but very good condition. Price: £12 incl. UK delivery Gunsmith Cats vol. 1 Condition: As brand new condition. Price: £5 incl. UK delivery Photo: (Click)
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    A request: Help me find this anime clip!!

    Years and years back, I remember catching a scene of an anime film on cable TV which I think was Fist of the North Star. In this paticular bit, all I remember was a 50ft giant walking through a valley whilst being attacked by hundreds and hundreds of Ninjas. It was hilarious. Is this...
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    Japanese Language Courses in London?

    Hi there, bit of a long shot but I wonder if anyone can help me... I've decided to start a Japanese course and I was looking at taking one at the IIEL: and despite what it says on the website evening courses aren't available at the moment...
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    Somewhere - New film from Sofia Coppola

    It's been a long time coming, this is easily my most anticipated film of the year. (In fact the first thing I will have seen since Avatar, eurgh). Somewhere - Sofia Ford Coppola (2010) <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
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    [FS] The Art of Spirited Away

    Unfortunately I got two copies of this for my birthday (turns out people know me too well). So my plan is to sell one and buy The Art of Howl's Moving Castle with the money. I'm only asking for £12 delivered or £10 collection, which is cheaper than Amazon and the item is in as new...
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    Converting DVD to MP4?

    Anyone here have any experience in converting their DVDs to MP4 format? I'd like to be able to watch some of my anime series on my ipod or mobile during my commute. It all looks a bit tricky. Ideally I'd be looking for some free software but if I have to pay a few quid for decent software to...
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    Gunsmith Cats Revised v.1 - £6 Delivered!

    Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition vol.1 **£6 incl. delivery** Black Lagoon vols 1-6 **SOLD** All items in as new condition. Payment by PayPal or personal cheque accepted. Any questions please shoot me a PM. Cheers, K
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    Summer Wars @ Prince Charles Cinema London [08-05-10]

    As part of the Terracotta Film Festival, Summer Wars is showing Saturday 8th May: Absolutely loved the Girl Who Leapt Through Time so gonna try and head down to this! Regards, K