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    MVM Entertainment announce Toradora BD release

    MVM Entertainment have announced that they will be bringing the 2008 romantic comedy Toradora to UK shores on blu-ray at some point in 2014. The JC Staff production has already seen North American and Australian releases courtesy of NIS America and Hanabee respectively, with both releases...
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    Manga UK announce Sword Art Online DVD and Blu-Ray

    Manga UK announce UK release of Sword Art Online After hitting 30,000 subscribers on Twitter this morning, Manga UK have released a youtube video announcing their acquisition of Sword Art Online. The series will be released on DVD and Blu-ray, starting in December this year.
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    MVM Acquire Sankarea

    MVM announce Sankarea for 2013 release MVM have used their website to reveal that they have acquired Studio Deen's 2012 anime, Sankarea, with a view to releasing it later this year. The show, an adaption of a manga by Mitsuru Hattori, is currently licensed in the US by Funimation. Source.
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    Anime movies listed for Leeds Film Festival

    Shamelessly nicked from UKA - the Leeds Film Festival has announced that Wolf Children and the first two Berserk movies will be shown at their Fanomenon Anime Day on November 11th. Link. I'd definitely be up for going to this - anyone else fancy it?
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    MangaUK's Manchester MCM Expo license announcements.

    Courtesy of the UK Anime twitter account, here are Manga's announcements from the Manchester MCM Expo. - Guilty Crown licensed for bluray and DVD. - Aria the Scarlet Ammo licensed. - Ninja Scroll steelbooks delayed, will feature a 20 page booklet written by Johnathan Clements when...
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    Video Games Sales

    Thought it might be nice to have a centralised thread for games sales, as we do with anime ones. I'll start off with the games section of the latest Zavvi Mega Monday.
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    Madoka Magica - 22nd October DVD & BD

    Manga have officially announced their release plan for Madoka Magica. From the Twitter account: Good news for anyone who hasn't already imported the various limited editions!
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    Hi to all! Been lurking around here for the past month or so, and I thought I might as well start 2012 by finally registering. Been a fan of anime since 2009, when I first discovered Haruhi and Shana. I've had my time on the 'dark side', indulging in the less legitimate ways of acquiring...