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  1. Gavrev

    Place To Place

    Nice to see the forum and site back up and running! I just recently grabbed a copy of "Place To Place" on DVD and really enjoyed it - just a casual query to see who else might have enjoyed this? It seemed to be a delightful little comedy which I only knew about as a result of an random advert on...
  2. Gavrev

    The Price of Joy

    Is it just me or has the price of anime sets gone up slightly of late? Granted it's coincidentally been a few months since I bought any, but now that some titles of interest are surfacing it seems as though they've risen beyond the usual mark up which you expect from high street retailers such...
  3. Gavrev

    Ghost of a ghost..

    Hi peeps, Not too long ago I hesitantly bought into the notion of a reboot of Ghost in the Shell, with the arrival of ARISE.. Well, we have parts 1 & 2 on DVD here in the UK, but now we seem to be waiting on parts 3, 4, 5, and 6.. and as seems so often to be the case, all has gone quiet. THEN...
  4. Gavrev

    The Sonic World

    Hi peeps. I thought I'd throw this in as a bit of a discussion thread after purchasing Psycho Pass, not that these thoughts are exclusive to this series. Whilst I appreciate that most anime is consumed on Japanese TV, it never fails to elicit a sigh when I see the words "Japanese 2.0" and...
  5. Gavrev

    Evangelion 3.33 You (Cannot) Have It

    Is it true that Evangelion 3.33 has been pushed back to Feb 2015 now!?? Can anyone else confirm this (not that there's anything we can do about it)? :evil:
  6. Gavrev

    The Wind Rises

    Hi peeps, Just a quick heads up to let anyone else in the local region of Sheffield that the Showroom Cinema (next to the train station) is showing the new Ghibli movie "The Wind Rises" this coming week, from tonight, in both dubbed and subbed formats -...
  7. Gavrev

    The World God Only Knows Season 3 DVD

    Any signs of this series coming out on DVD/Bluray? I'm continuing to poke about but if anyone's thought to look somewhere I haven't and seen something promising, word would be much appreciated! :)
  8. Gavrev

    Evangelion 3 Release

    Hi peeps, Can we confirm that the Evangelion 3 release has indeed been pushed back to August from March, as seems to be stated in the anime schedule listings? Humph.. :evil:
  9. Gavrev

    "The Wind Rises" Query

    Hi peeps.. any signs of Ghibli's "The Wind Rises"? It's another one which seems to be in limbo, and one I'm really looking forwards to. Knowledge of it seemed to appear at about the same time as "From Up On Poppy Hill" and I both caught that at the cinema and enjoyed its transition to DVD. I...
  10. Gavrev

    Is It Any Good!?

    I was recently asked by bakum4tsu about my choice of anime, and as I considered my response I stepped back further to consider what qualifies “good”, and further realised that this might be an interesting point with which to launch a little thread. Whenever I look to an anime and make a choice...
  11. Gavrev

    Hi peeps! Welcome to my side of your world..

    A pleasure to almost meet you all! I'm sure as we go we'll all become more familiar.. Me? Well, what self respecting otaku wouldn't find himself in such fine company! I'm sure there's a whole host of stuff to learn and exchange in these hallowed pages. I first encountered anime back in 1990...
  12. Gavrev

    Ghost In The Shell: Arise UK DVD

    Hi peeps, Nice to be here (newbie!).. Sorry if I'm repeating someone else in here (I didn't spot any thread but I can be blind at times hehe), but does anyone have any details relating to any potential UK DVD release date for the new series?