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    The Retro Anime Thread

    I see, so the only way to really see Macross is to pick up a US import second hand. Unfortunately, Robotech doesn't interest me as I'm watching anime in addition to my regular studies, as Japanese practice. Also I need the correct music. No chance of this getting re-released in the US or...
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    The Retro Anime Thread

    That's great, but how did you get to watch it? I thought only the bastardised Robotech version was available in the UK? I'm dying to watch this, given I love the 1979 Gundam and the music in this sounds amazing.
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    Manga Mania magazine issues (x28)

    Hi there, wehreabouts are you based?
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    So here has been to japan?

    Upload them to an image hosting site such as imgur or flickr, and then post links to the images here. OR Resize the pics lol
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    So here has been to japan?

    お帰りなさい、デビルさん! Welcome back, Devil-san! I'm still lurking here and eagerly awaiting your pictures if you still plan to upload them?
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    The football thread!

    Anyone else up at 2.30 in the morning to support Japan?? Ivory Coast fans can **** off with that annoying drumming
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    Animefreak17 And His All-Purpose General Chat Thread

    Yes. It would appear I'm a good 20 years late to the party. But that's not gonna stop me. I'm looking forward to the "Battle power OVER 9000!!!!" bit, I hope it's as funny in Japanese. :/ EDIT: But how did you see it? It was never released in the UK? (Certainly not when I was younger anyway)
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    Animefreak17 And His All-Purpose General Chat Thread

    ^ Brilliant. I'm glad I've checked back in here actually, AF17. I have just started watching Dragon Ball Z for the first time. I finished reading the Dragon Ball manga this weekend so I've bought the first season to see what all the fuss is about. Looking forward to the insanity. But please...
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    Anime Limited Licenses Wings of Honneamise

    Re: Anime Limited Licenses Wings of Honneamise Great news, I bought an old VHS copy recently to watch this but I'll hold off for the Blu Ray now.
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    The Akira Project

    Kudos to these guys getting together and creating this, it's defintely well made...but Akira just isn't ever going to suit a live action movie. Also, you can't have Akira without the iconic music!
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    From Up on Poppy Hill to get UK TV premiere

    I agree with this, absoloutely brilliant film. :thumb:
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    Studio Ghibli Steelbook Blurays

    Ah of course. I'm just a bit worried that there's no info on the remaining films having steelbook versions. :?
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    Ultra Street Fighter 4

    I'm with you Rena, too many people moaning about this addition to the cast. Given she's a charge version of Cammy, I for one am quite happy. Really looking forward to this what with the addition of double ultras and the 3 v 3 mode. :thumb:
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    Studio Ghibli Steelbook Blurays

    Hey gang, Does anyone have any idea when the remaining Ghibli UK steelbook blurays will be released? Of the ones released so far, I've got Totoro and Nausicaa and I'm planning on getting Howl's moving Castle. The ones I'm really waiting for are Porco Rosso and Spirited Away, but I can't find...
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    DVD Clearout

    Ah OK, I think I'll leave it thanks. Cheers K
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    DVD Clearout

    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Complete Boxed Set) - Region 1 - £25.00 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Movie: Endless Waltz - Region 1 - £3.00 I'm interested in the above, if that's the complete story from beginning to end?
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    JLPT this weekend (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

    Thread bump! Passed the JLPTN4. Didn't get a great score, but I'll take it!! Never thought I'd get this far when I started out with Japanese. Now for the N3...
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    Aya's Sales

    Hi there, I'm interested in Memories if it's still available please. Cheers K
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    MVM licenses Patlabor OVA BD/DVD and Linebarrels of Iron DVD

    Re: MVM licenses Patlabor OVA BD/DVD and Linebarrels of Iron I bought the Early Days DVD at release and I've just got round to watching it this week. I've just finished the first disc and although I wasn't prepared for the weirdess, rumour of giant mutated sea monster actually turns out to be...
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    What Games Are You Playing?

    The weird anime dolls look creepier than the zombies. ... I bought KoFXIII, Arcana Heart and DoA5u last week. Anyone fancy playing one of these games on XBL?