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    Troubles buying anime (was part of the MVM thread)

    Do you have any idea how rare fansubs for live action releases are? The fanbase simply isn't big or keen enough to get fansubs made. My money (as a sub-only anime fan) mostly goes on manga or chara goods, the products it's much much easier for me to actually buy. I'm totally prepared to...
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    Sailor Moon manga licensed

    holy ****!! Also the original Codename: Sailor V, which it's a spinoff of.
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    Shira Oka (Dating sim w/ some English anime VAs) See title, fairly self explanatory. An original English language dating sim, with some known voice actors. I don't know much either but it has a demo and is out in about a week via Impulse. Cast list here, though a lot of psudonymns due to union rules. Yes...
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    Free Love Hina

    Self explanatory Experimental, legal, free Love Hina is up In Japanese obviously feel free to leach as you wish their in non DRMed PDFs with DDL option.
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    Trouble Witches 360 port incoming Cute 'em up by Studio SiestA, doujin circle; most famous for AirRade. It's got full English dub and sub for those who whine about such things, though most of those would run away at all the moe. Due out...
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    Deathsmiles (xbox 360)

    PAL release news, finaly This got pointed to from Cave's twitter so almost centainly true. Hope we get the extras the US got.
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    Funimation licences basicaly everything (14new/10+ rescue) simulcasts (let's hope some aren't region locked) Shiki Black Butler 2 Sekirei 2 Legend of Legendary Heroes Sengoku Basara 2 new stuff Darker than Black Season 2 Railgun Index Black Lagoon Third...