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  1. Rosencrantz

    Code Geass Season 2 - Question for DvD owners

    After realising Season 2 on BD does not have any extras, i'm rather annoyed to learn today that Kaze's DvD release does infact have all the extras ala Beez's old release. My question for the DvD owners is what Key Animation Galleies are on discs 3 & 4? Speicifcally my old Beez DvD's both have...
  2. Rosencrantz

    AUS DvD's

    I've been hoping that Karin would be re-released in the US but as Funi said not by us and no-one else has said they are releasing i'm now looking at the fairly recent region 4 Australian release. What i'm wondering is how do their DvD stack up versus region 1? I keep finding all my region...