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  1. Gavrev

    Place To Place

    Nice to see the forum and site back up and running! I just recently grabbed a copy of "Place To Place" on DVD and really enjoyed it - just a casual query to see who else might have enjoyed this? It seemed to be a delightful little comedy which I only knew about as a result of an random advert on...
  2. Gavrev

    Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

    Mardock Scramble Boxset - 8/10 After what seems like an age I finally purchased this three disc story of wonderful eye-candy, which manages to explore the subject matter in both moderately graphic and yet poignant style. A simple story which is not afraid to go at a sombre pace, and an...
  3. Gavrev

    The Out of Print Anime Blu-ray & DVD Thread

    Makes you wonder how many gems you're actually missing without even knowing it.. :(
  4. Gavrev

    The Out of Print Anime Blu-ray & DVD Thread

    Fair comment! Lol. Personally I was happy when Cowboy bebop came back into print - that was another one I thought I'd missed
  5. Gavrev

    The Out of Print Anime Blu-ray & DVD Thread

    That's great peeps! Thank you for the input. I did eventually find a thread about its disappearance in here elsewhere so apologies for half of that question, but it's great to learn that it's reappearing. :) I managed to grab a copy of Gurren Lagann before it went OOP, but narrowly missed...
  6. Gavrev

    Does the PAL speed up on anime bother you that much?

    It's interesting that issues with audio instability are mentioned with respect to re-encoding. Is this the explanation for the rather odd overall presentation of "Noein" on the R2 DVD boxset? I assumed it was a problem with the way the music had been mastered and synced with the series and...
  7. Gavrev

    What's the region split of your collection?

    DVD's, 98% region 2, 2% region 1
  8. Gavrev

    Your viewing journal

    Currently to be found romping through the Mardock Scramble boxset - final film tonight! Have to say I've enjoyed it, and is quite the visual treat :)
  9. Gavrev

    The Out of Print Anime Blu-ray & DVD Thread

    Whatever became of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" DVD? I was always curious about that series and it seems odd that they still have season 2 on the shelves but no season 1. Even recently I see it's getting a release on Blu-ray, so what gives? Any insights, or are anticipating a possible...
  10. Gavrev

    The Price of Joy

    It makes logical sense, but behind it I suspect is the emperor.. sorry, behind it I suspect is Amazon recognising their position in the market as a major online retailer.
  11. Gavrev

    The Retro Anime Thread

    So it does.. hehe :)
  12. Gavrev

    The Retro Anime Thread

    For those of us who may have on any level enjoyed the recent "Back to the Future" collision between reality and fantasy, anime has the upcoming dates of 19th/20th December 2015 for the inciting events of Captain Takaya and the Luxion in "Top wo Nerae!" (aka. Gunbuster)
  13. Gavrev

    Ridiculously over-powered anime characters, worst offenders?

    Gurren Lagann got really silly! hehehe. That was probably the point though to be fair..
  14. Gavrev

    Why Is It So Hard To Find Even Recent Releases In Stores?

    I've noticed at HMV here in Sheffield that we have something of an ironic situation whereby the city centre store gets better stock than the Meadowhall branch (Meadowhall essentially being traditionally considered the greater sibling of the two), though I have to admit to some conflict here. I...
  15. Gavrev

    The Price of Joy

    The shows out there certainly do seem to be maintaining a new threshold of about £25 or so as you say. I grabbed a copy of the Mardock Scramble boxset from HMV for £24.99 reasoning that I was happy to fork out the extra offline £3 or so - frankly there's just not enough of a difference in...
  16. Gavrev

    Importing vs. UK editions

    My own experience of importing DVD's is one of simple unavailability in the UK. This hasn't happened a lot at all thus far, though I am currently looking at "The World God Only Knows Goddesses" and the OVA disc, both of which seem to be absent in region 2 purchasing and conversation circles. A...
  17. Gavrev

    Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

    There's something very joyful about flipping through the photos and spotting out your own collection in and amongst them all.. hehehe
  18. Gavrev

    The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

    Today I grabbed the box set of Mardock Scramble.. and within two minutes discovered the work of a sleepy layout artist! No matter, the movies will I'm sure be a treat, even if the spine text isn't as sure about cause and effect as the front layout is..
  19. Gavrev

    Evangelion 3.33 You (Cannot) Have It ... d-licenses Eva 3.33 in March - anyone biting? ;)
  20. Gavrev

    Evangelion 3.33 You (Cannot) Have It

    Yep.. read it here too: ... d-feb-2nd/ We shall see.. I may turn blue/purple holding my breath, but wouldn't it be good!?