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  1. Jon O Fun

    Dark Horse Deluxe Editions

    So I'm not spamming the Berserk thread I thought I'd make a new one. After Berserk & Hellsing the next deluxe edition has been announced. Blade of the Immortal! Bit of a weird choice considering they just released the omnibus editions...
  2. Jon O Fun

    Jeremy Graves announces that he will be leaving Manga UK

    It appears Jeremy Graves has also left Manga... ... ent/.81806 Out of respect for Manga he won't say what job he's moving onto but i'm sure the whole forum will whisper Animatsu best of luck to him on whatever he moves onto :)
  3. Jon O Fun

    Hello :)

    Hi, i'm Jon O Fun. been browsing the forums for a while i thought it was about time i registered and said hi :P I've been into Anime / Manga for longer than I can remember. Some of the first I remember seeing were Dragonball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Nadesico, and Evangelion but I like pretty much...