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  1. Durial666

    Selling some Blu-Rays

    Hi all! Decided that having not watched anything anime wise in months that my collection of what I have is better off with someone who will actually watch them. I have no pricing in mind yet as I have no idea how to value these things anymore. If you could offer a price you think is fair and...
  2. Durial666

    Anime Tshirts have 4 limited edition anime shirts for sale today. for those who haven't heard of them have four new shirt designs each day . They are limited to just 24 hours, between 5am and 5am for us, and aren't likely to return for sale again. Below are todays designs.
  3. Durial666

    Selling Just About Everything [UPDATED 15/02/2015]

    I've decided that I am quitting anime so I'm going to sell up what I can. I have so many that I don't watch and likely to never actually watch. I've enjoyed my time in the fandom but I feel that the time is right for me to move on. Thank you guys for having me here on the forums, helping me and...
  4. Durial666

    Gurren Lagann Best Sound

    So I found this. Any takers? How much do people think it's even worth?
  5. Durial666

    Mushishi Region 2 set

    I'm after the Mushishi R2 box set or singles. Has anyone got a set that they're willing to sell to me? Thanks!
  6. Durial666

    Lucky Star

    So with the recent(ish) announcement of Beez licensing Lucky Star I am going to be selling my R1 copy of it. I'm looking for £20 for it plus £3 P&P PM me if you are interested.
  7. Durial666

    Bleach Series 2 Box Set - SOLD

    So after much thought I have decided to get rid of my box set and replace them with the singles so that it all matches on my book shelf. I am giving it away to the first one who asks me. PM me and post in this thread to let others know that you have already shotgunned it.
  8. Durial666

    What The Hell?

    [WARNING: Severe animal cruelty, do NOT watch if you are easily offended. The video is very upsetting to see.] We humans sure are something aren't we? EDIT: As Godot rightly said I better put some sort of warning.
  9. Durial666

    Studio Ghibli Competition

    Win the Studio Ghibli Collection Enter here ... ompetition
  10. Durial666

    FUNimation pick up Kuroshitsuji

    For those who don't know already. From UK Anime