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  1. serpantino

    Do the BFI support anime?

    I watch a lot of Asian films and a lot of them seen to get funding support for UK release from the BFI (British film industry). Has anyone ever noticed an anime film supported by them? I think a couple of Ghibli may have but they have helped with some right rubbish in the past so I'm surprised...
  2. serpantino

    Gunsmith Cats Kickstarter is live

    Just a heads up to Say Robert J Woodhead's latest anime project 'Gunsmith Cats' is now up. $45 is the minimum for a physical copy (that's with international UK delivery). Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition
  3. serpantino

    Dragon Ball Z movies

    I've nearly finished dbz kai and I was wondering which movies people felt were must sees or provided some great lore. I think I've watched a few but it would have been a lonnnnggg time ago.
  4. serpantino

    Australian import friendly sites

    I'm looking for any import tax friendly/reshipping Australian distributors of dvd & bluray (in this case specifically for dbz kai final chapters but to also use in the future.) I'm sure there's a topic on this out there but this new site layout is buggy as hell on my phone making it hard to...
  5. serpantino

    Serpy's Sale

    All prices include UK delivery, photos available on request. Payment via Paypal Friends & Family please. Blu-ray (UK) Log Horizon Season 1 parts 1 & 2 (watched once) £20 Gankutsuou aka The Count Of Monte-Cristo (steelbook, new & sealed) £18 Samurai Jam (Watched once) £8 DVD (UK) Berserk...
  6. serpantino

    Personal opinions on distributors excised from the Bargains thread (temporary title)

    ah sorry I didn't realise the au release was 4 parts. Why are they preferred?
  7. serpantino

    Liking Etiquette

    Firstly... just to clarify it says liking not licking, that's a whole other (arguably more interesting) topic! Now that there's a like feature on this site I was wondering whether we should establish an etiquette for the more paranoid of us so we don't feel like we're offending people or...
  8. serpantino

    Can't login on mobile

    I don't know if I'm the only one having this issue but the reason I haven't posted much since the forum shift is because whenever I try to log in on my mobile (android-chrome browser) it just loops back to the login page when returning to previous page after the successfully logged in page &...
  9. serpantino

    Vita game preorder problem (Amazon)

    Thought I'd better warn folks about preordering vita games early from as they can end up in limbo. I've just checked to see if my copy of Sword Art Online:Lost Song preordered from them back in August had been dispatched but Amazon has created a more recent, duplicate entry for...
  10. serpantino

    The challenges of releasing anime on newer formats in the UK

    Definitely. When they do release new blu-rays that interest me I preorder them but I don't even look at their upcoming DVD releases, I only ever look at their dotw. MVM is rapidly going to get left behind if they don't start trying harder by releasing more blu-rays and sooner. We as consumers...
  11. serpantino

    Psycho-Pass Season 1 Part 2 (US region free)

    Psycho-Pass Season 1 Part 2- US Region Free -Bluray & DVD (New+Sealed) £25 inc delivery. Bit of a long shot here but I bought this from last month as I'd ordered part 1 (US import) over Christmas whilst away from home. when I got back & opened part 1 it was the complete UK bluray...
  12. serpantino

    Converting my lady to anime

    I've been slowly subjecting my girlfriend to anime and it's started sticking. We progressed from the odd film to watching our first first series together (Eden of the East) last weekend and we went through the lot over 2 days (inc-films). She keeps asking for more but most of what I have...
  13. serpantino

    Hello + a bit about me

    I'm a long time lurker and decided to create an account mainly so I could participate in buying some anime from other forumites but I thought it'd be rude not to at least say hello! I got into anime from the Scifi channel's late night anime showing about age 16. On it was an episode of Blue...