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    Johnny's sales

    Well, since my previous topic got wiped out, I'm gonna try and clone it :p Stuff for sale, all of the sets are in good to excellent condition, if anybody's interested in anything, PM me and I can send pics: ANIME Bunny Drop R4 DVD - £5 + £4 postage Eureka Seven v1 & v2 DVDs (Beez) - £20 + £7...
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    PM question

    Hi all. I've been noticing that most of the times I send PM's, they get stuck in the outbox for hours and hours instead of getting into the Sent folder, I presume this means there's some problem and the recipient has not received it yet. The latest one is one I sent yesterday at about 11 PM, yet...
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    Johnny's sale (anime & WWE DVDs/BDs,PS3 & Xbox360 games)

    Hello, everybody, it's me again, this time selling (or trying to, at least) some DVDs and blu-rays I own that I either want to upgrade to blu-ray (in the case of DVDs) or just bought the show blindly and didn't do it for me. Anime DVDs & BDs: A Certain Magical Index DVD (2 volumes, R1, w/...
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    Spice & Wolf Season I DVD for sale

    Hi, guys. I'm selling my DVDs of Spice and Wolf Seasons I and II; they're in perfect condition, but I bought the complete collection blu-ray and don't need the DVDs anymore (I also need the shelf space). Anyway, I'm selling them for 10£ each or 15£ both. I can't tell how much's the postage for...