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  1. Jaysgba

    SLA Edinburgh 2019 Line-up

    Tickets are live on the Filmhouse website. Monday 17:45 - The Relative Worlds Tuesday 20:40 - Patema Inverted Wednesday 17:45 - The Life of Budori Guskou Thursday 20:45 - The Case of Hana & Alice Friday 15:15 - The Sacrament 17:30 - Ride Your Wave 20:00 - Human Lost 23:10 - Mind Game (Not...
  2. Jaysgba

    Snow White with the Red Hair UK blurays

    Anime Limited are up to their tricks of re-releasing things I've already bought, but with a fancy collector's box for the standard editions, AGAIN. So, before I trade them in to CEX, does anyone want AL/Funi UK's individual Snow White with the Red Hair part 1 and 2 blu-rays for £20 (UK postage...