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  1. Phobos

    The Pixar ratings thread

    As this came up elsewhere in what order would you rank the Pixar films?
  2. Phobos

    So what’s your MyAnimeList statistics?

    I figured I’d start this as a few folks have posted theirs in the viewing journal thread and rather than bog that down with unrelated posts I thought a dedicated thread might be better. No idea if one already exists though... Anyway... this is mine. After sorting through the a’s, (there a few...
  3. Phobos


    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy it here.
  4. Phobos

    A little viewing advice...

    So recently I got my 4 year old niece to watch howls moving castle (got to start converting from day 1, hehe) and she has fallen in love with it. Would love to keep the converting going however my tastes are not exactly appropriate for her so was wondering if anyone could suggest some titles...
  5. Phobos


    I am Phobos (a prize to the first whom can accurately tell where I got the name but beware if you guess wrong you'll have horrible things happen to you... Terrible things... Random waterballoons thrown at your face type thing...) I got into anime when I was young and watched dominion tank...