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    Tenjho Tenge - Manga Discussions.....

    I read 58 chapters of the TenTen manga (unedited) before giving up on it; I was curious to see how the story continued after the anime but tbh by the time I got to volume ten I had only the vaguest idea of what the plot was, or even if there was one beneath "everyone beats the crap out each...
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    24th July UK anime releases

    It's a quiet week for anime on DVD with just two releases due out today, including the somewhat delayed opening volume of .hack//Legend of the Twilight from Beez. <ul class="menu"><b>24 July 2006</b> <li>.hack//Legend of the Twilight #1 (Beez) <li>Burst Angel #4 (MVM)</ul>Keep updated on all...
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    UK exclusive tin for Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG

    Whilst I couldn't care less about the t-shirt and am not a big enough fan of SAC to particularly want a tin or even to spend a great deal of money on the series overall, the Tachikoma changes everything. Admittedly it's not the full sized version I had envisioned for driving to the shops in, but...
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    17th July UK anime releases

    It's an ADV dominated week for the UK anime market, with Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! drawing to a close, and continuing volumes for three other series due out today. <ul class="menu"><b>17 July 2006</b> <li>Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! #4 (ADV) <li>Gilgamesh #2 (ADV) <li>Madlax #3 (ADV)...
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    AnimeUKNews top 10 animes (and top 10 fav anime list)

    Since I am lazy, I shall copy and paste my UKA list ;) 1. Kurau Phantom Memory 2. Wolf’s Rain 3. Aria the Animation 4. Rumbling Hearts 5. Honey and Clover 6. Gunslinger Girl 7. Haibane Renmei 8. Last Exile 9. Texhnolyze 10. Mushishi Kino’s Journey...
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    10th July UK anime releases

    July's anime DVD releases finally get underway this week, with six more titles from Beez and MVM's catalogues due out today. <ul class="menu"><b>10 July 2006</b> <li>Crest of the Stars #3 (Beez) <li>Gantz #5 (MVM) <li>Gungrave #6 (MVM) <li>Patlabor The Movie: Limited Edition (Beez)...
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    New acquisitions announced at the Anime Expo

    The Mai-HiME R1's aren't great quality but they're serviceable enough and only £8.50 new on amazon marketplace, which is good enough for me. At one point I did like Otome but by the end I was so disillusioned that I have since written a ten page rant about it, so unless every volume comes...
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    26th June UK anime releases

    Just four DVDs are due to be released in the UK today, including a new series from Manga in the form of Otogi Zoshi. <ul class="menu"><b>26 June 2006</b> <li>Full Metal Alchemist #7 (MVM) <li>Otogi Zoshi #1 (Manga) <li>Patlabor The Movie (Beez) <li>Yukikaze #2 (Beez)</ul>To keep an eye on...
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    19th June UK anime releases

    After a quiet month, the UK anime is finally back up to speed this week, with releases covering the latest instalment from a number of series from ADV and MVM, along with the final volume of Project A-KO and the World of Narue complete collection. <ul class="menu"><b>19 June 2006</b>...
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    Paranoia Agent Region 1 Complete collection Battle Royale ma

    I'm interested in Paranoia Agent but won't have the money until Monday, if that's okay could you pm me with payment details?
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    12th June UK anime releases

    The UK anime market continues at a slow pace, with just one more DVD set to hit shelves today in the form of the first volume of .hack//Legend of the Twilight. <ul class="menu"><b>12 June 2006</b> <li>.hack//Legend of the Twilight #1 (Beez)</ul>To keep an eye on all upcoming UK anime releases...
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    5th June UK anime releases

    It's another slow week for UK anime releases with just one more release hitting our shores today in the form of Gunslinger Girl #2 from MVM. <ul class="menu"><b>5 June 2006</b> <li>Gunslinger Girl #2 (MVM)</ul>To keep an eye on all upcoming UK anime releases, look no further than our regularly...
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    Keeping on topic

    I've split this from the main thread since it has nothing to do with renting anime. Sigil, the questions you seem to be asking in other threads seem less there to spark discussion than for your intended purpose of posting for the sake of it- "what's farscape" for example had nothing to do with...
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    Keeping on topic

    Please only post if you have something relevant to say; if you're just posting for the sake of it, it's spam and will most likely be deleted- which defeats your purpose anyway.
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    29th May UK anime releases

    It's a sparse week for anime releases, with just the one DVD due out today in the form of the seventh and final instalment of Wolf's Rain. <ul class="menu"><b>29 May 2006</b> <li>Wolf's Rain #7 (Beez)</ul>To keep an eye on all upcoming UK anime releases, look no further than our regularly...
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    News from the London Expo

    According to Pinnacle Vision it's now slipped to the 3rd July. Was a bit disappointed when I saw that R1 My-HiME was spread across 7 discs as Bandai are usually good with their disc counts. Nonetheless, as WTFDaveMustaine says each volume is only about £8-9 if you go to somewhere like amazon...
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    22nd May UK anime releases

    Just two anime DVDs are due out today; the fourth volume of Gantz and the final instalment of Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent, both courtesy of MVM. <ul class="menu"><b>22 May 2006</b> Gantz #4 (MVM) Paranoia Agent #4 (MVM)</ul>To keep an eye on all upcoming UK anime releases, look no further...
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    Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances)

    I watched volume 1 of this over the weekend and I have to admit that whilst the story itself was good stuff I was very distracted by the quality (or lack thereof) of the animation. A lot of the time it felt like a succession of onscreen manga panels, and given all the bad things said about the...
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    15th May UK anime releases

    Saikano/She, The Ultimate Weapon is well worth a look; I was so impressed after watching the first volume that I was tempted to order the R1 boxset there and then (until I realised I probably shouldn't spend £50 I don't really have going spare ;) ).
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    15th May UK anime releases

    Another batch of anime DVDs is set to hit the shelves this week, including the UK debuts of two more series in the form of Gilgamesh and She, The Ultimate Weapon (aka Saikano). All of this week's releases are listed below.<ul class="menu"><b>15 May 2006</b> <li>Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! #3...