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    The "Recommend Me A New Anime/Manga" Thread

    I thought this thread may be useful to anybody who wants something new to read or watch but doesn't know where to turn. With so many anime fans in one place, there will always be somebody who can recommend you a new series! I'll start it off. I'm almost at the end of NANA and am completely...
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    Manga And Anime Sale!

    Hi everyone! I haven't visited these forums in a very long while but I figured I'd pop in and list a few items for sale as I'm having a bit of a clear out - let me know if you have any questions! :) ALL ITEMS ARE IN MINT OR EXCELLENT CONDITION! Manga: Eerie Queerie - Volume 1 - £2.99...
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    A quick question!

    Hi everyone! I always disappear from these forums because my interest in anime is almost non-existant, but I picked up one of my volumes of manga today and remembered how much I love it! I have volumes 1-13 of Case Closed and want to buy volume 14. I always get my books from The Book...
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    Fashion design & illustration

    I've been getting into this recently, looking through books and studying the composition and beauty of fashion illustration and photography. I might consider following this as a career; art and fashion are two BIG passions of mine so if I can combine them, that'd be fantastic. However, I need...
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    Dattebayo stops subbing Naruto They're fed up with people uploading their episodes onto streaming websites such as Youtube and Veoh and will not continue releasing episodes until this stops. They urge you all to TAKE DOWN whatever videos you may have uploaded and ask others to follow suit. I...
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    Alice's artwork

    People seem to make topics where they post all of their artwork so I thought I'd make one too! There are three sites in which I post whatever I think good enough to share with other people; My Virb site (, DeviantART ( and...
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    CARPETDUDS - a new scratty comic [naughty language]

    Surprisingly, everyone I've shown these to has enjoyed them! I will probably start up a website next year to see if it goes anywhere. Let me know what you think. 8)
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    Beyblade - Season One

    Even though the anime is extremely poor and awful, I have a big soft spot for Beyblade - I was never into the cartoon so much but the toys were incredibly cool. If anyone wants to share the nostalgia, here you go! Volume Two, Episode One: Draciel Of Approval (Max vs. Kai)...
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    UK Anime Club I got information about this recently when I won the daily DVD competition on their website (GUNxSWORD volume 1!), so I sent off the cheque for £15 and recieved a package a few days later. Here is what you get: A T-shirt (not the...
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    Fleshlumpeater - computer art

    Drawn on a graphics tablet in Photoshop - I'm not an expert on computer graphics and this is my first try with a tablet.
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    A few manga/DVD's for trade/sale (free p+p!)

    I'd prefer to trade these, but I'd be happy to sell them also. Fushigi Yugi volumes 1, 2, 3 and 5 - £3.50 each or £10 for all four (RRP - £4.99 per book) D.N Angel volume 1 - £5 (RRP - £6.99) Eerie Queerie! volume 1 - £5 (RRP - £6.99) Flame of Recca volume 1 - £3.50 (RRP - £4.99)...
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    Waterstone's '3 for 2' offer on manga

    I'm not sure if this is the deal nationwide but there is a '3 for 2' deal on selected manga books in Waterstone's (in Worthing). It'd be worth checking out your local store as they have some decent manga in the offer, such as: One piece Death Note Paradise Kiss Love Hina Eerie Queerie...
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    Case Closed

    I was just wondering what volume the Japanese version is up to - I'm pretty sure we're up to volume 16 here. Also, as I don't watch the anime, do you think there is any sign of it stopping soon? Thanks for the help!
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    Che painting in progress!

    I really love to draw and paint. This is something I'm currently working on, so it isn't finished. Sorry for the size and quality, I'll use a digital camera next time. What do you think? I've had some interest in my work so I'll be starting up a website and selling them soon enough. =)...
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    British Comedy

    Truly the greatest kind of comedy! List and talk about your favourites here. I adore: Father Ted, The Office, Fawlty Towers, A Bit Of Fry And Laurie, Porridge, Blackadder, The Thin Blue Line, Men Behaving Badly, Bottom, Monty Python, Extras, Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Have I Got News For You...
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    Rough and by no means finished, I just wanted to check with you guys how these looked. Please don't comment on how it looks dull because it is only a sketch - I would just like to know if the proportions look okay and whether there are any noticeable anatomical errors. Neji form Naruto...
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    Manga swap

    I know this a long shot, but I guess it's worth a try. ^^ I have couple of volumes of manga that I don't really plan on continuing, that I'd like to swap for volumes of other series I collect. At the moment, I wish to get rid of: D.N Angel - 1 Eerie Queerie - 1 Samurai Deeper Kyo - 1...
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    Recommendations appreciated! :)

    I'd love some recommendations on what anime to watch next that contains some certain elements. I'm looking for a serious sort of anime - by this, I mean an anime with a more mature atmosphere as opposed to something aimed more towards children like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh!. So far, I've completed...
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    Hey. ^^ My name is Alice. I've been looking around here for a couple of days and decided to join. I've been interested in the style of anime for years but only recently started collecting manga. I got 3 Naruto volumes for Christmas after watching a lot of the anime, and just yesterday decided...