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  1. Dan

    Dans Anime Sale

    hi all, Selling some of my anime off as I don't get time to watch them. All prices inc p&p. Items in excellent condition unless stated. UK Blu-ray Noein to your other self Collectors Edition - £30 Royal Space Force The Wings of Honneamise - £20 (has a dint in lower part of sleeve - see pic)...
  2. Dan

    Dan's Mini Sale

    Updated Anime Psycho Pass Season 2: Collectors Edition -£25 inc Postage - SOLD Berserk (Box of War) DVD Set - Region 1 does have slight tear where security tag was removed on inside, doesn't affect any artwork DC Animation All US versions but Blu-rays play on UK players £6 Batman: the Dark...
  3. Dan

    Funimation and Crunchyroll Working Together

    Funimation & Crunchyroll Working Together to Bring You More! – Funimation Blog
  4. Dan

    Dan's Moving Sale

    Hi All, I'm moving, so need to get rid of anything I don't really really want. Looking for Paypal payments (to friends) but can discuss alternatives if you like. All prices include delivery All titles are DVD unless stated otherwise Region 1 Armitage Dual Matrix - £5 Darkside Blues - £5...
  5. Dan

    Anime on Netflix

    So I've signed up for Netflix and plan on watching some anime that I haven't bought for one reason or another but I have a few Netflix related questions. I've been watching Space Dandy, I did originally get it from LoveFilm/Amazon but even though I didn't enjoy it ive got this over whelming...
  6. Dan

    Digital Downloads

    So I've been thinking of getting my Anime this way for some shows/movies and wondered what people's thoughts were. I don't think I'll be doing it via Sony as they are too expensive. iTunes also seem a bit more pricey than Amazon, so for now they look like my best bet. I tend to watch stuff...
  7. Dan


    interesting ... r-bros-118
  8. Dan

    The Akira Project

    This only seems to have been posted yesterday, so presume its new. I certainly haven't seen it before, it's Very Impressive
  9. Dan

    Time of Eve Delayed again

    From the email: It is January, the promised delivery date. And it pains us enormously that we aren't ready to ship the Blu-ray this month. We are working hard to get the 100+ subtitle files into tiptop shape, polish the English translation of Yoshiura's short story for the bonus book, and NYAV...
  10. Dan

    Dans DVD Sale

    I've put these up on ebay Dragon Ball Z (Funi Sets) Complete Series 1-9 ... 3f30269577 Dragon Ball (Funi Sets) Complete Series 1-5 ... 3f3026e043 Dragon Ball Z Movie Packs 1-3...
  11. Dan

    July Sales Bit shocked T&B part 3 didn't make it
  12. Dan

    Kix TV to Air New Episodes of Dragon Ball Z

    Didn't know this, so I thought I'd share ... next-week/
  13. Dan

    Fist of the North Star Question

    After watching the movie I've been craving for more, so I've being doing some digging and reading and found that a guy called William Winckler created six dubbed movies with footage from the series. Does anyone know what happened to them as it seems they've never been released?
  14. Dan

    News Ghost in the Shell Arise Anime's 1st Full Trailer

    Over on ANN ... r-streamed Wow that looks amazing. Especially the part where she stands up form being sat on the chair, unbelievable animation.
  15. Dan

    Ghost In The Shell Arise Trailer ... o-streamed Looks awesome
  16. Dan

    DB & DBZ Booklets Wanted

    Looking to see if anyone would be willing to part with the booklets from the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z sets, the ones that come in the Funi sets. Doubt anyone will but thought I might aswell try. I already have booklets for season 3 of both and season 2 of Dragon Ball. If your not really...
  17. Dan

    Berserk Movie 1 subtitle? Blu-ray

    Can someone check something for me. On the Blu-ray, English dub there is some Japanese text that appears 27mins 28seconds in (chapter 3), I know it says 3 years later because I checked the DVD but on the Blu-ray no English subtitle appears to tell you this. I just wanna check that it's...
  18. Dan

    Goku and Luffy Set For An Epic Showdown (Television Special) ... s/?a=74839 Sound interesting
  19. Dan

    Berserk Movies 2 & 3

    Does anyone know when we can expect these to be released. I think I spotted movie 2 on and wondered whether that would have any impact on us getting it over here. I'm holding off watching Movie 1 until I've got 2 and might even wait for at least a release date for 3.
  20. Dan

    DBZ Kai Theme Tune / Dragon Ball

    DBZ Kai Theme Tune (English): Well I'll start by saying I really disliked the theme tune at 1st but it grew on me and now I love it but does anyone know why Funimation decided to use different singers? Its very annoying, especially since the version on part 1 is pretty good, part 2 is poor and...