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    Anime guitar covers

    There are loads of anime & game guitar covers on Youtube appearing from all over the world. I really like the FFX To Zanarkand cover!
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    Ys Origin recieves translation

    If u happen to be a Falcom collector like me there's a new fan patch in English for Ys Origin, it's the only one available for this game so make the most of it^^
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    Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

    I've been asking around and it seems that the Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu series has no association with Falcom's games like Legend Of Heroes, which is suprprising considering the music quality^^ The UK needs more stuff like this.
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    Intros of games

    Awesome original intros on YouTube. PCE does the best anime intros ever. It's the only place I can watch them since changed hands. What other intros are good?
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    Anime OST's

    How do you listen to your anime OST's? Me, I prefer to do something while I listen to them on my Walkman and leave them playing (most of the way) through. For me I rate them by the general gist, depending on mood, some OST's (like Nadesico) I can listen to repeatedly in one day! My fave band...
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    Shangri La

    Any idea when Gonzo's Shangri La comes out in UK? Looks real good.
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    Gundam Wing from Legendz

    Check it out^^ Excited! ... type=genre
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    My anime pic

    Thought I'd show what I'd been up to these past few years...actually...this pic is based on me as a schoolgirl. Luckily it got preserved in the Sweatdrop Studios forum. My fave anime artist is Yamamoto Kazue of Studio E-Go!
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    Anime radio Any other interesting links? U think it'd be worth signing up instead to somewhere?..
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    Recommend a Vampire anime

    Like the title says. Anyone recommend a good vamp anime, there are loads out there? Ideally along the lines of Buffy/vamp heroine but any other suggestions welcome.
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    The Rant Thread

    Anyone had any bad experiences recently they want to share..? I gotta say, one of my friends who is not talking to me has now been texting my b.f. asking to meet up. This just upsets me, why is she not talking to me anyway!! >< and no she hasn't been competing for the b.f. with me either...
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    British anime heroes & heroines

    For this site I thought I'd make a Top 5 British Heroes/Heroines in anime, what's yours? A lot of characters in anime are Japanese and/or of uncertain birth with convenient UK seiyuu, but not actually British. Obviously these types don't count, they have to be properly designed British/UK...
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    Ongoing story

    OK I had an idea today, the If You Made An Anime... thread was awesome. I'm gonna start a story and then everyone else makes the next bit and stops, the next one carries on etc. whenever, you can post more than once. I'm hopin' to get an awesome story going, anyway, here's the start. There is...
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    If you made an anime..?

    If you made an anime what would it be about, ideally? I guess mine would be something along the lines of a traditional fantasy with dragons etc.! With a bit of sci-fi thrown in.
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    Ys fighting game development

    Falcom have been working on a new beat 'em up featuring Falcom characters, looks pretty interesting. They are also remaking several titles for portable consoles including the Brandish saga. Awesome charas link:
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    Gladiators' remains

    Anyone miss the prog. the other day about the gladiator skeletons...may be a repeat. We're busy excavating hundreds of Saxon burials here in Thanet, Kent - still, not as interesting as mauled bodies ^^
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    Read your horoscopes

    Read your horoscope here! Whats your sign!!?
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    Film help

    I remember seeing a movie a while back which had a guy who lived in this black-and-white town and one by one, when the girls had slept with someone, they turned into colour. I know it sounds corny but it was a good film and I can't remember the name, was it Strangeville, or something...can...
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    How do you watch DVDs?

    Just wondering how everyone watches their anime DVDs as I'm forced to watch anime on a laptop because my TV-cum-DVD player broke. I have another separate multi region player. Should I go for another DVD-telly combo or get a separate small TV, what's the best way to go so I can spare my PC the...
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    Anime with aeroplanes?

    Two of my friends are in the RAF, I just wondered if anyone could recommend a good anime with flying in it. I thought there probably wouldn't be anything with British aircraft in, would something like Area 88 be good to show them?