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  1. Agent-347

    Currency vs Brexit: GBP Losses

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome one and all to the doom of every importer's wallet: BREXIT. Remain lost! And the economy is globally shaken up! Yes, if remain won nothing would've changed and this topic would've been pointless but this thread is here to discuss the aftermath and exchange rate...
  2. Agent-347

    When AUKN Was There

    I was on Twitter open about having some tabs of pre-hack AUKN still opened, I decided to transcribe the data and save the web pages as they were there. I also took screenshots of this page and this page, the other page I sadly lost in a derp. Oops. Now, below is all the user, rank and join...
  3. Agent-347

    Your Top Most Wanted UK Anime Licenses? 2015 Edition

    Welcome to 2015! May our anime UK distributing overlords be bringing us your favourite and most wanted titles! And how better to nudge them a bit by doing a public poll? This essentially is a follow-up on Reevothemusefan's previous "Your Top 5 Most Wanted UK Anime Licenses? topic. Big...
  4. Agent-347

    Project Improve The UK (PITUK): Part 1: MVM Blu-ray Covers

    Dear fellow users of Anime UK News, as we all know the UK has a fair few disadvantages in the anime scenery, and some of you got utterly sick of it and decided to import titles as soon as they fell into the hands of someone, or when the cover pictures go live to again be disappointed by messed...