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  1. burtkenobi

    Burtkenobi's sales

    Delurking... Some sales because my landlord is planning to sell the flat and I'll have to move again in a few months. Will be adding to this thread as I uncover stuff. Australian Bu-ray region B: Penguindrum 1 and 2 - £15 ea or £25 for both Region 1 old DVDs Nadia - Secret of Blue Water...
  2. burtkenobi

    What, in your personal opinion, makes a premium release special?

    Temporary thread being split and merged I really hate those darned book publishers - they always release the big new titles by people I like in that ruddy expensive hardback format, when all I want is a cheap paperback. I know it's a more durable item, and the author gets more royalties, and...