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  1. Blaize

    The *Im looking for* thread.

    Anyone got any Discotek titles they might be interested in selling? There are many I still want to get, too many to list but if you have any you might want to sell drop me a PM?
  2. Blaize

    Random Titles for sale

    Bought 5cms per second on Blu. Sent quickly and well packaged. Thanks Again :)
  3. Blaize

    Figures for sale... also need help to identify four of them! For future reference MFC has a tag system which can make finding figures easier. For example this search found me the Linebarrels figure. Unfortunately all logical tags to search for the last figure isn't...
  4. Blaize

    Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

    UP1 package arrived today. :)
  5. Blaize

    Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

    Thanks for all the quick replies! Knowing others are experiencing some delays puts my mind at ease.
  6. Blaize

    Where to Buy Anime in the UK (was Anime Online Retailers)

    Anyone experiencing delays with UP1 orders in the post this week? or recently? I had two orders shipped on Tuesday Afternoon, the latest I would normally expect them to arrive would be Thursday. But now it's Friday and they still aren't here. hoping they will turn up tomorrow. Could be because...
  7. Blaize

    Blaize's Anime Sale

    added a couple of things to my search list and a couple of new things for trade or sale.
  8. Blaize

    Funimation "Pulls" Streaming for Interspecies Reviewers

    So Media Blasters will be releasing this in 2022 then?
  9. Blaize

    Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

    no audio Nothing exiciting as such just a quick overview of my collection as of 2020. Looks considerably different to the last time I shared it in this thread. Just kinda felt like doing this after a discussion I had on Fandom Post.
  10. Blaize

    [Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

    Not the most amazing Discotek Day ever but still I'm interested in at least 3 of the 4 releases here. Fujiko's Lie is an instant buy, watched it over Xmas and loved it. Nils Holgersson is a nice surprise, it's similar to alot of the World Masterpiece Theatre shows. Lastly for me Anti-Magic...
  11. Blaize

    [Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

    ^ The Film is great and a must for anyone who has made their way through the TV series. So glad that Sentai are releasing the film, had long given up hope that they would.
  12. Blaize

    shokoti's anime sale

    Everything arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the really nice packaging and the condition of everything was fantastic for the age of the sets. Very happy :D
  13. Blaize

    Anime retailers No Import Fees List

    Hey everyone. So I got a customs charge for my latest SecondSpin order. This is I think only the second time this has ever happened. The first was when I ordered a bunch and they sent it via UPS instead (by a bunch I mean something like 10-15 DVDs). But this time I only ordered 4 Blu Rays and 2...
  14. Blaize

    The *Im looking for* thread.

    Looking for Tide Line Blue Complete Collection on DVD, keep missing out on good deals for it so if anyone has a copy hit me up with a PM. Also looking for Betterman Anime Legends on DVD too.
  15. Blaize

    UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

    Tokyopop/Funimation Digipacks for Great Teacher Onizuka at a cheap price on eBay. Cheaper than the Discotek release and while it takes up abit more space the sets have nicer packaging.
  16. Blaize

    Anime Expo & Otakon 2019 News/Announcements Thread

    I liked the Discotek Panel this year but I have to admit I wasn't as blown away as I hoped. I have a bias towards retro releases from Discotek and the only new one of those we got was 'Cleopatra' which is neat but for me personally not the most exciting title (it also already has a UK release)...
  17. Blaize

    Blaize's Anime Sale

    £80...I still want to replace it with the standard editions too so I want to get as much as I can. Again one I'm not desperate to sell just that now it's OOP I'm open to selling it if a decent offer comes in.
  18. Blaize

    Blaize's Anime Sale

    Well as I said I'm open to offers if either you ever feel like taking the plunge but I totally understand if not so nw
  19. Blaize

    Blaize's Anime Sale

    I'll take pictures of the few things I have listed this evening and probably add prices (reason I don't before is because I feel it puts people off despite me being open to offers). Honestly quite alot as the set is rare these days and the money I could get for it is the only reason I'm...
  20. Blaize

    Blaize's Anime Sale

    I'd like to get £30 for it. If you're still interested I can do pictures. Though honestly it's in mint condition. I've not watched it and even the Artcards inside are still sealed.