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  1. theirsbailiff

    AUKN Cosplay Thread

    Thought we'd have a simple, no-nonsense Cosplay thread for once (Here because it won't fit anywhere else on the forums). Few rules we all should follow before we start: 1. All images must be formatted as so: 2. Don't be a dick. Or be a creepy pervert. Or cause drama. Or make flimsy...
  2. theirsbailiff

    I'm Back and I have one favour to ask.

    Hey everypeoples. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm theirsbailiff; the guy that doesn't post much and just lurks for a living. I have moved from my hometown of London to an undisclosed location that I'm not telling you guys about no matter what* and I've been without internet since...
  3. theirsbailiff

    General News/Current Affairs Thread

    Well we kinda needed one. AUKN's Official News and Current Affairs For people that want to lose their friends. Football Thread Sports Thread Today's Headlines. North Korea ends peace pacts with South Korea. 16 Year Old Girl gets stabbed in Birmingham bus-stop Leaders Gather for...
  4. theirsbailiff

    General Cartoons Thread

    For people who like cartoons that aren't just from Japan This should be a catch-all thread for all cartoon discussion from places that aren't Japan (Even though all animation is made in South Korea :P). This would be working the same way as the General TV thread, which would mean discussions...
  5. theirsbailiff

    London MCM Expo: October 2012

    Note: chaos has said it's OK. Anyway. MCM Expo? What's that? The London MCM Expo is a three day, Multi-Genre fan convention in London's Excel Arena showcasing Anime, Manga, Video Gaming, Sci-fi and other pieces of pop culture from around the world, mainly from the UK and Japan. So What...
  6. theirsbailiff

    AUKN Meetups: Have we actually had one?

    I may not have been here long enough to know exactly what goes on around here, but I kinda feel for certain that we haven't had at least one meetup between each of us. You know, to talk about what we normally talk about but in person and we all act completely different than what everyone expects...
  7. theirsbailiff

    OOP Anime: WIP

    Now as we all know, companies come and go here in the Anime Industry and with that the possibility of titles, especially well known and loved ones, going out of print. With recent news that Bandai Entertainment are stopping orders of their DVDs/Blurays on November 15th/30th*, I thought it would...
  8. theirsbailiff

    MyAnimeList/Anime-Planet/Kitsu/AniList Discussion Thread

    I know this is a stupid question here, but does anyone here use either MyAnimeList or Anime-Planet or even both sites for their view logging... stuff? I mean, both sites have their advantages and disadvantages but I was wondering which site you guys prefer? Or, you guys use a different site to...
  9. theirsbailiff

    UK Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment Discussion Thread

    This will end well. I would like to announce that Jerome Mazandarani, PR guy of Manga Entertainment, has agreed to do a Q&A session here on AUKN's forums. I would like to advise everyone here to keep civil and act in a sensible manner when giving your questions/comments/feedback. Considering...
  10. theirsbailiff


    Shouldn't this be in gaming?
  11. theirsbailiff

    [adult swim]'s 2012 April Fools Day Prank: Toonami

    No, I'm not making this up at all. This is a thing that's actually happened. Nerd Reactor Link All videos relating to this event Wikipedia Article Shows broadcasted
  12. theirsbailiff

    International Cosplay Day.

    Source:ANN For those of you that don't know what it is (Like me, somewhat*), basically for one day, fans of various pop culture around the world go out and have various meet ups and such. I'm not sure if anyone in the UK and Ireland is going to have a meetup, but I have seen people trying to...
  13. theirsbailiff

    The Tokyopop Problem.

    Now that Tokyopop's dead in the water here in the UK (Which is a bit of a shame because I was hoping at least the German branch would at least save some titles for English release), I'm somewhat wondering what's going to happen with all their old titles now that they've all become unlicensed...
  14. theirsbailiff

    Giant List of Stores (UK Based or Shipping to UK only)

    Right, seeing as there isn't a thread to collect up the links of all the well known stores, I thought I make one for the site. RULES: Don't post sites that sell fakes - Obvious reasons why, and please don't cause drama if anyone does and the site they've posted is accused of selling fakes...
  15. theirsbailiff Thread

    Right, so does anyone here use For those that don't know, is a website that keeps a track of what songs you've been listening to and then recommends new music to you based on your music library. It's really fun to use and I've found a lot new music I've liked with it. My...
  16. theirsbailiff

    37 Manga Publishers to Make to launch online portal (ANN article) ( article - Translated from JP) Thought this might be interesting. What they're doing is make this site to read eManga for North American users (No news yet on whether they're making an international site too) will...
  17. theirsbailiff

    Yes, another newb.

    Well hello, everyone. I'm revertedtozero. I've been reading the news here for quite sometime and I just came here to say hello. Here's hoping for a friendly welcome and some good times to come. That was a stupid intro, wasn't it?