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    Racial Depictions in Popular Media (Moved from the News Thread) No way in hell is that black face maybe someone wanted her gone and they found an excuse jealousy maybe involved who knows.
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    My vinyl collection plus boxsets.

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    My figures collection.

    Sorry about the picture quality.
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    Trouble with Animuk need help/advice.

    I ordered two gundam mini figures from animuk last week Monday and have not received them and I email them on Friday to find out what happening I got no reply and I tried to see if a can get refund through paypal but got I've got to wait until they reply.
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    The author of "Rurouni Kenshin charged I guess some people will boycott the manga because of this.
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    Metallica tickets.

    Metallica are playing the o2 ticket master are doing their old sold out crap but you can them on getmein the markup on the tickets is a ******* joke and this is not fair on us real fans and this **** should be illegal.
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    You tube videos.

    the lasers beams could be see as far as bow in east London.
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    I'm new too these forum. I have been into anime since the 1990s and the first anime I got on vhs was Akira and fist of the North Star and I have been a gamer since I had the spectrum 128k+2 and I to listen to heavy metal and my favourite band is megadeth and I read manga some times.