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  1. Vincentdante

    Birthday party thread

    The UK has moved into May 10th and it has become my cakeday. That is all, this thread is now a party hard thread 🥳
  2. Vincentdante

    Made in Abyss

    With more people jumping on the show thanks to MVM's release I thought I would make a thread to dump all of my memes to seriously discuss the show. Seriously this show is good, besides Berserk this is the only show that ever got me to pick up the Manga to see what would happen next. So anyway...
  3. Vincentdante


    "General Manga Chit-Chat" > "Search" > "Berserk" > No results found. I will get my own kingdom thread. Let's talk Berserk, use this thread for anything Berserk manga related. So how many here are caught up with the last chapter?
  4. Vincentdante

    Hello all

    Hello everyone, I just discoevered this place the other day while googling if there were any other people waiting for Anime Limited's Christmas sales stuff still :p I have been lurking for the last few days and thought you all seem a friendly bunch so I wanted to make an account and introduce...